Event Planning

Creating and implementing the most effective special events is one of our full-service promises. Conceptualizing, managing complex logistical challenges, skillfully allocating budgets, targeting sponsors, renting A/V equipment, creating programs and menus, and selecting gifts is all part of our matrix of event planning throughout Connecticut, New England and New York. Let us be your Event planners in CT.

Planning special events is what put us on the map, and our events can you put on the map too. From restaurant debuts and store grand openings, to company gatherings and corporate milestones, and from ribbon cutting ceremonies and employee celebrations, to fundraisers and award dinners, we conceive it, we can manage it, and we can surpass your expectations.

Corporate Events
Let us help you make your next corporate meeting, conference, seminar, or gathering memorable. Once we discuss your objective for the event, we’ll apply our project management skills to combine  just the right planning, organizing, marketing, and staging that coordinates your event with your overall marketing strategy.

Grand Openings
Hosting a grand opening is a reliable promotional event that allows your customers to discover who you are and what you have to offer. When done well, your grand opening creates a memorable first impression that establishes the foundation for developing brand loyalty with an irresistible brand image.

Experiential Marketing
Make your brand come alive. Experiential marketing allows your customers to interact physically with your brand. When your customers can see, touch, taste, and smell your product, you’ve created an emotional connection. We excel in creating memorable experiences that are personally relevant to your customers. You’ll be amazed at how much experiential marketing increases sales and brand loyalty. But don’t just let us tell you about it. Experience it by incorporating experiential marketing into your marketing mix.

Nonprofit organizations rely on us to produce extraordinary events that fit within their budget. Because we understand that the key to an effective fundraiser is maximizing ROI, we work our magic with a close eye on the fundraising goal and overall enhancement of the nonprofit image to ensure ongoing support.