Royal Wedding Lends Details to Create the Perfect Event

With the royal wedding finally behind us, we, as professional event planners, can take inspiration from this event of the century and help translate the same feeling of perfection into our clients’ upcoming soirees. From the attire to the press, the tablescape to the menu, every detail needs to be taken into consideration to plan a fabulous event, and there was no better example than the nuptials of Price William and Kate Middleton this week. Here we cover some of the event details that feel are necessary to wow even the most discerning of guests:

Attire: When Kate stepped out of the queen’s Rolls-Royce, both London and the world watched with awe as her timeless, yet modern dress made its official debut. The French lace, the hand embroidery, the sheer veil- each piece was chosen with care to make a statement and that’s what some events of late have been missing. Our tips are to keep your attire in tune with your style, whether that be modern, edgy, simple or bohemian. And wear what looks good on you, not the latest fashion model!

Venue: Pick a venue that is easily accessible, but that also fits the needs of your specific event. The grandeur of Westminster Abbey played the perfect backdrop for a royal wedding, but perhaps a small intimate affair is more your style. Remember, colors and themes can be changed, but location and the bones of the building cannot.

Personal touches: The simple program with the black and white photo and the chocolate biscuit cake were just two of the personal touches that the bride and groom chose for their special event. What’s special about you that can be seen throughout your event? Perhaps cowboy boot centerpieces in Texas, seashell favors in Cape Cod, or your mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert? These are the touches that will make your guests say wow throughout the entire event.

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Meeting with John Ratzenberger

The word celebrity conjures up such a different meaning to me than it did ten years ago. Back then, I was lucky if we would see James Van Der Beek’s family at the movie theater in nearby town, Cheshire, and felt like we were the luckiest onlookers ever. Boy how things have changed. Over my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to mingle with the likes of Donny Osmond, Tom Cruise, Melania Trump, Howie Long, John O’Hurley, and the list could keep on going….

However, yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending about two hours with the most down-to-earth “celebrity” I’ve ever met, Cliff Claven… errrr, I mean John Ratzenberger. John walked into the office in a kinda wrinkled, kinda stylish jacket that was both too big and too small all at the same time. How refreshing it was to not see his stylist standing over his shoulder making sure the lint was all picked off his sleeves!

We discussed everything from his pet charities to his time in London, and it seems like everything in between as well. It was the best two hours of the month- and that’s saying a lot since it’s been quite a month! We’re going to be working on some publicity projects together in the very near future and I’m genuinely excited to see where this business relationship takes us! After all, he is the sixth highest grossing actor of all time at the box office! And, did I mention he had one of the most stunning blonds I’ve ever seen  on his arm? And I’m not sure which one of them I liked better since she was shares my love for antiquing and jewelry…. more on that to come!

An Interview with Kate Sirignano from Image Marketing Consultants

An Interview with Kate Sirignano from Image Marketing Consultants

What is the history of your business?
What began more or less as a consulting venture–event planning for companies and organizations–became an official company in 2007 at the urging of my family, particularly my husband, who recognized both its potential as a business and my passion for the field. Up until then I had done it on a full-time basis for major companies, but felt there was a need for an agency in this area to help smaller clients. Since our founding, we have added public relations and marketing communications to the mix so that now we can offer services such as branding, copywriting, publicity, media buying, web and graphic design, and overall marketing strategy.

What motivates you to continue to grow and develop as a company?

To be honest, it is simply an enjoyable way to earn a living, and I really wouldn’t like to be doing anything else. Working with so many different and varied clients is incredibly rewarding because of how we help them reach new levels of success through the use of our own skills and creativity. Long gone are the days of traditional advertising agencies that decide to use a simple print ad or radio commercial to try to grow business for a client. There are so many more opportunities today. Where events and public relations are concerned, we work very hard to identify new, intriguing and creative ways of getting the word around. Much of it is about finding the perfect angle and the most effective way of promoting it.

Why did you select Southington as company headquarters?

Frankly, we didn’t look anywhere else. I was born and raised in Southington, and instinctively knew that this was a great place to open an office. It is centrally located (which is important since many of our clients come from out of state), easily accessible from most areas in Southern New England and the New York metropolitan area, and very professionally-oriented. If you want to know the truth, we were also aware that there were no other companies in this area that do exactly what we do, so it seemed a natural fit from a competitive point of view.

What makes your business unique?

An inherent ability to meet the specific needs and objectives of every client, whether it’s a sole proprietorship or a Fortune 500 company. (And our clients do indeed fit that range–and everything else in between.) One day we might be planning a corporate grand opening event in New York City featuring a national celebrity, and the next day we might be developing a local marketing campaign for a venerable old mom-and-pop shop around the corner. So we need to constantly evaluate and reevaluate our methods and tactics, and use all the skills and creativity that we already have in our corporate toolbox. We truly love what we do and take enormous pride in our work. Perhaps that alone makes us unique.

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