Social media is no longer an option when it comes to your marketing plan. It’s become a necessity that can either bring your company to the top or have it remain stagnant. There are many different social media channels that we use to market different types of content. One of our biggest marketing platforms, however, is Instagram. We have our very own Instagram strategy here at IMC and we put together a list of tips on how to build and maintain a great Instagram page for your business.

  • Content – When it comes to Instagram, content is key. People will be enticed to follow you based on what you post; the quality of your pictures, your authenticity, and other visually appealing items. Let’s not forget about good old captions either! Don’t be afraid to get creative, encourage interaction, and respond to comments. 
  • Story – Stories are a growing trend on Instagram and they are becoming very popular for business use. By constantly updating your Story, your page and content get more exposure to those who follow you and sometimes even those that don’t. You also have the option to add a story highlight to your profile now, which will give users a preview of your most important product/ company highlights. It makes your page even more appealing to follow!
  • Analytics – As a business, analytics from your Instagram marketing is extremely important to look at. They tell you all you need to know about your followers such as demographics (location, age, and gender). You also have access to information like profile visits and views, website visits, and posting engagements. These percentages are there to help you avoid future mistakes and up your Instagram game.
  • Followers – There’s a very specific rule when it comes to Instagram followers: quality over quantity. It’s better to have 200 followers that constantly interact and are genuinely interested in your brand, than have 800 “ghost” followers that don’t interact with you. If you’re having a hard time getting people to follow you, follow local users and users that follow local businesses near you. 
  • Hashtags – Hashtags are the holy grail of Instagram. Use them as often as you can to find others who share your passions/ interests. If there’s a specialized hashtag you want to keep tabs on, Instagram gives you the option to follow it. You’ll be able to receive updates and you’ll see whoever uses that hashtag on your feed.
  • Posting – It is almost guaranteed that no one will follow an inactive account. As we mentioned before, content is key. Make sure that you are posting several times a week (depending on what your product or service is). Some people like to post everyday and others prefer less. Either way, posting regularly will give your followers what they want to see and will bring in new followers very quickly.