PR Agency & Public Relations Marketing

What is Public Relations (PR)?

Simply put, public relations is a fluid process of strategic communication that builds and strengthens relationships between your company and your target audience. We understand how to anticipate, analyze, and interpret the attitudes and issues that impact your company.

We continuously plan and implement strategies that manage your messaging and enhance your editorial image for online, print, television, graphic design and radio.

With the extensive PR experience inside the walls here of Image Marketing Consultants, we are more than ready to not only maintain your brand’s image, but advance it.

When it comes to your image, public relations could be one of your best friends!

Our Public Relation Services Include:

Media Relations

When working with the media, it’s all about relationships. At Image Marketing Consultants, our staff works diligently to maintain active working relationships with a variety of media contacts throughout the country. Our comprehensive approach includes creating and maintaining these media connections for you, developing press releases and sending newsworthy stories to the widest media coverage sources available. All to put your company in the best light possible.

Press Releases

Writing an effective press release is essential in getting newsworthy stories moving. We develop and write press releases that appeal to journalists looking for the next big story. Additionally, we pitch stories to several local newspapers to ensure it gets the widest possible coverage.

Public Relations Building

We understand the value of a strong partnership and how it can help two organizations achieve a common goal. For our clients, we identify potential partners that have a mutual interest and mission. Whether it be for promotions and advertising or building an ambassador or loyalty program, we network on your behalf and act as an extension of your sales team.

Media Training

Nothing can be more nerve wracking than speaking to media. We can relate. Fortunately, we overcame these fears long ago, and can now help you do the same. We provide media advice and PR agency guidelines, training to articulate your story in an interesting way, and tips to ensure you look and feel prepared and professional. Rest assured that our media training will help you become a pro in journalist interactions, and the only thing people will be talking about is the message you’re communicating.

News Channel Segments

Getting television exposure for your brand brings amazing benefits, but it’s often a complicated process. Who to contact? What channel? What to say? That’s where we come in, making sure you’re not only in the spotlight, but that you’re in the right spotlight. We have strong relationships with news stations, meaning we’ll be the liaison between you and them every step of the way.

We have expertise in all things television. Whether you want to promote a grand opening or a big sale, we’ll find the best possible time, date and station to put your brand in front of thousands of viewers. Our team will even help write your script to ensure you check off every talking point you want to convey about your brand. If you’re not comfortable on TV, an IMC member can step in to speak on behalf of your brand.

Crisis Management

This is one area we hope you’ll never need us, but it’s essential to have a damage plan in place in case of a crisis. Our comprehensive strategy includes preserving your company’s positive image and controlling the public narrative. 

And if it a worse case scenario happens, we’ll guide you on how to bounce back and move forward. The IMC PR Agency and Public Relations team will help with writing official statements and developing releases that focus on your brand’s positive aspects, like recent accomplishments and goals for the near future.

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