Consumers can see right through advertisements and be made to feel as though they are being forced to purchase a product or service. The concept of public relations is used to create a personal relationship between your company and the consumer. It’s not simply a sales pitch manipulating your consumer to buy from your business and increase sales. Rather, it works to build a buzz and reinforce a positive brand image. There are various services offered through public relations that can strengthen a company’s presence just as much as advertising can!

PR Builds Relationships

Establish a loyal consumer basis who can continue to come to your business and not make it a one-stop purchase. PR is a handy tool to build relationships with these consumers and encourage them to engage with your content. This communication can easily come through social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Snapchat. One-on-one communication shows that you are willing to create a relationship with them by answering any questions they may have, or solving an issue that may have occurred. Consumers enjoy mentions from a company via social media, especially when given a shoutout and quick response.

Additionally, building relationships with news anchors and journalists is just as significant as with consumers in the world of PR. This is how a client will be able to receive the news coverage they want and need to gain additional attention. Generating third-party relationships with press can show consumers that other people are using your company’s offerings, rather than seeing your company specifically promote itself.


PR Gets You Just As Much, If Not More Reach

You cater towards a specific target audience when creating advertisements. While this is still true for public relations, it is differentiated by the fact that you can reach an even broader audience. This can be done with the help of a news segment that gets pitched. Television is a great source for reaching an audience that is larger and can attract new consumers. Watch your website traffic flourish if you are tagged in an online article. An external link from an outside reference will push even more consumers towards your site.


PR Is Budget Friendly

Looking to get a bang for your buck? This is where public relations becomes your best friend. Advertising is the creation of paid promotions through platforms including print, digital and out-of-home. You don’t have to pay for ad space with PR. Your company gains attention by publicity. Publicity gets the consumers talking about your product with the use of word-of-mouth advertising, which is the most effective marketing. Public relations includes earned media from various outside sources, thus spreading the word for you.

PR Helps In Time of Crisis

Crisis can easily erupt if your customer realizes your product is defective, feels harassed by an employer, or if any negative word got out that something went wrong with your company. But hey, any publicity is good publicity– right? You’re still going to need crisis management. While this is a great way to build public attention, you don’t want your company to develop a bad reputation. Press releases are a form of crisis management that includes all details on the situation, and comes up with a strategy on the actions your company will be taking to overcome this situation

PR Gives Credibility

Unlike paid advertisements, public relations is a one way street towards boosting your brand image. Customers want to be able to trust the brand they are putting their money towards. Building trust is an important concept because it shows that your business is dependable. Show credibility by displaying your company behind the scenes. This can be done through Snapchat or Instagram stories to show the work that really goes on in your business. This transparent business strategy demonstrates authenticity to support a positive brand image.

Advertising should be used in conjunction with public relations. You can acquire and retain potential consumers by using these tactics to extend the promotion of your business. Connect with us at Image Marketing Consultants to watch your company’s reputation flourish!