WCCC sponsored bringing Jeff Hedquist to Hartford this past week.   Hedquist is a nationally renowned consultant improving the impact of businesses commercials through better copywriting and overall production. Jeff Hedquist has helped hundreds of businesses by writing, tweaking, and recording commercials for more response and results.   Thanks to those of you who were able to make the one hour seminar.   For those of you who couldn’t join us here are some highlights from Jeff Hedquist to make your commercials a lot more impactful

1. People have “advertising Attention Deficit Disorder” so remember commercials that sound like commercials do not work!

2. “Call to actions” are essential on your copy, but don’t give a “Call to action” until you have given a reason for people to frequent that business

3. Emotion is the key to success in commercials.  Most of us have heard radio is “The theatre of the mind,” but it really is “The theatre of the gut.”

4. Tell stories in your commercials, preferably about your customers since people buy emotionally not logically

5. Point out a flaw that isn’t detrimental in your copy to make the rest of the message more believable and then reinforce key positive things about your business

6. When you give your web address give people a reason to go there (which can be a “Call to action”)

7. The 4 principles of effective commercials are:

a) Voice

b) Music

c) Sound Effx

d) Silence (very powerful)

8. Remember the first few seconds of your commercial are “An ad for the ad” so open big Drew Wilder

Special thanks to Jeff  Hedquist and Drew Wilder for the interesting tips!