One of the greatest things about living digitally is having everything you need and enjoy right at your fingertips, including some of your favorite apps. As we continue to embrace the digital age, more and more apps are surfacing. We’re an office of avid smartphone users and we’re sharing our favorite go-to apps that make work a little easier (and more entertaining)!


  • No need to download this, as it already comes with any iPhone. Just add simple tasks you need to get done by a specific time. When the reminder pops up at the assigned time, you have the option to mark it complete or put it off for however long. Either way it still stays on your screen until it’s completed; the perfect motivator and reminder!

A Color Story

  • This is a design app for editing pictures. You have the freedom of adding different elements to images and changing effects, gradients, and textures. Its sister app is called A Design Kit. These apps are a designer’s favorite and gives you the perfect touches to add to any pictures!


  • Poshmark allows you to shop for (and even sell your own) used clothes, bags, shoes, and more. Another plus is that anyone can sign up! The satisfying feeling of selling your used things and knowing that they’re going to a good home has made this app a favorite. It’s an affordable and convenient way to shop and make some extra cash too!


  • Another favorite in the office is Preview, which is a holy grail for Instagram planning. This app literally gives you a preview of how your Instagram feed and story look before you even post anything. It also gives you an inside look at analytics, hashtags, and even access to some great filters. It is THE app for Instagrammers everywhere.  


  • The Sephora app is a huge hit in our office because it’s an excellent user-friendly app. Even if you have no intention of purchasing, it’s perfect to kill some time. It’s filled with reviews, videos, and tutorials on so many products. How in depth they go just makes shoppers come back for more. It’s definitely a very well designed app that has made so many of us brand loyal.


  • This is a girl’s best friend when it comes to the office life! It scans documents right from your phone so you don’t need to do it on a computer. It’s so easily accessible and easy to use; a perfect tool for everyday office work for our clients.


  • VSCO is a blend of photo editing with a tiny bit of a social media aspect. You can edit whatever pictures you want and add them to your ‘profile’. Your profile may be public for all to see but there are no followers, statuses, or other social media elements. Just you and your edited pictures!

We may use these apps everyday or just once a week but one thing’s for sure; apps are created on a daily basis to make things better for us! We love taking advantage of what’s out there and discovering new features everyday! At IMC, we look forward to collaborating and sharing the latest trends in the app world with each other. It’s the best way to stay on top of our game.