Stop the Unsubscribes – Image Marketing Consultants Share Some Tips

We all know a solid email list becomes a powerful sales tool for a lot of companies. On account of that, we never want to lose one subscriber. Besides, most of us do not do well with goodbyes. We usually want to know why it’s happening and how we can stop it.  Sometimes, there is just nothing you can do, but often times you can stop the customer before that dreaded click. We say keep fighting the good fight and never surrender!

Here are a few tips you can try:

  • Show a fun, lighter side of the company. You don’t have to grovel, just use a playful tone that your customers can relate to.  For example, your unsubscribe message can be something like – Was it something we said, Nancy?
  • Always use the customer’s first name in any unsubscribe message to make it personal to them. It’s more impactful and will make the customer feel more important overall. It’s surprising that one simple psychological technique can make the customer think twice, but studies show it does.
  • Offer alternatives on your unsubscribe page or form. For instance- stop daily emails, only monthly emails, only coupons, etc. The customer may want to stay on board but just change their preferences.
  • This one is bittersweet, but make sure you ask for feedback when they leave. It’s a great opportunity to learn and see what might be going wrong.
  • Last, have the founder of the company create a short video that will make the customer laugh. This provides an opportunity to humanize your brand and show the company’s personality.  You can even hire a comedian like HubSpot did. Take a look.

B2B Brands Drive More Emotional Connection Than B2C Brands

Seems impossible, right? Apparently not.

A study by Google, the CEB, and Morista reported out of hundreds of B2C brands researched, most have emotional connections with 10%-40% of consumers. Meanwhile, B2B brands elicit an emotional connection with more than 50% of their buyers.

This means we can crush the misconception that clients need “corporate” content and provide practical information to help businesses make decisions they can feel really good about.

Take a look to see how emotion impacts the purchase decisions of B2B buyers.infographic B2B



Discover the I-Park Foundation – A Beautiful Nature Preserve in Connecticut

ipark1I-Park is a non-profit artists-in-residence program located in East Haddam, CT.

Since 2001, I-Park has hosted over 600 artists from around the world on this 450-acre site.  The preserve serves as both an open-air and closed-studio laboratory/workshop for creative pursuits in a variety of fields. These include: visual arts, music composition/sound art, creative writing, moving image, architecture and landscape/garden/ecological design.

Each month, beginning in April and ending in November, seven artists, who have been selected by way of a highly competitive jury process, arrive at I-Park for a 4-week, fully-funded onsite residency to develop new projects or work on existing ones.  Additionally, every 2 years, I-Park hosts an Environmental Art Exhibition preceded by a 3-week residency.  For this year’s Environmental Art Program, 12 artists will create new works that respond to the landscape: sculptures, sound art and performance art.

A free public exhibition will be held on September 20, 2015.

The public is also invited for OPEN Studios on August 9th, 2015.  Meet the artists-in-residence in their studios, view their works-in-progress and walk the grounds.

To learn more about I-Park, donation opportunities and their calendar of events, please visit, call 860.873.2468 or send an email to

Image Marketing Consultants Advise You To Get On YouTube Today

Thinking about creating a “how-to” video? If not, you should be. The company reports over 100 million hours watched in 2015.

YouTube “how-to” views are continually growing, in fact 70% year over year. It’s an opportunity for brands big and small to get “seen”. Millennials are the key drivers of this growth and Google cites that 67% state they can find a YouTube video for anything they want to learn. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s at their fingertips.

The most popular “how-to” searches are related to home-improvement, beauty and cooking videos. However, don’t let that discourage you if your business or product does not fit into one of these categories; video is still a powerful SEO tool that all brands should be using.

Watch this short video on the best way to create your own video. Enjoy!


Image Marketing Consultants Explains 5 Web Trends You Cannot Ignore

Image Marketing Consultants Explains 5 Web Trends You Cannot Ignore

Every year you should update your marketing plan and continually be on a mission to maximize your results. As you know, results increase your dollars and dollars increase your growth. It’s an endless loop, but one every company should be on.

If you want to be in the loop, start implementing these items immediately. These marketing trends won’t be fading anytime soon and they are more than significant, they are necessary.

Mobile – embrace it.
Your website should be accessible via mobile or tablet with optimal functionality for great user experience.  This shows your company is current and relevant. Statistics show that 66% of mobile users read their emails on smartphones so having mobile-responsive messaging that matches your site’s functionality is important.

Content, content and more content.
The quickest way to your audience’s heart is through valuable content. Content marketing through social media, blogging, email, and video helps you establish authority and gains trust with prospects, plus it’s a great SEO boost.

Personalize your content.
Content creation has become a major marketing trend and people are on overload. This creates a very selective audience as to what they will read or watch. Personalizing your information for prospective clients is key for building your brand and for building relationships.

One size does not fit all.
When you create and share brand content (a video, image, blog post, article, etc.) on different social media platforms you’re bound to get different results. It’s important to evaluate the type of engagement on each platform so you can customize your content for each one. This helps strengthen your brand with a new, targeted approach.

Be a human.
Stop the pitch and try to connect on a real, human level. People are looking for honesty, education, and clarity and never truly want to be “sold”. When you take this approach, it will be recognized and your brand will naturally expand along with the bottom line.