IMC Top Three Sept-Oct.

Everything has been “falling” into place for us during these past two months. We are embracing the season with scented candles  and pumpkin spiced coffee in the office, and are all heavily involved in up and coming projects for the holidays. Take a peek at what’s been consuming our days below:

-Apple Harvest Festival:

The entire group volunteered alongside the Rotary Club of Southington at the renowned Apple Harvest Festival in September. We donned our aprons and served up some french fries from our booth. Hungry attendees could choose between curly and regular fries, with a pallette of different toppings. Mozzarella sticks were also offered for those that preferred something cheesy. We even got to sample the infamous apple fritters-hot out of the fryer.


5 Trendy Graphic Design Tools

5 Trendy Graphic Design Tools

We’re a marketing agency focused on meeting deadlines (and expectations) for our clients. Image Marketing’s public relations team is always looking for tools that will make our jobs easier when we’re tasked with creative work. We’re constantly talking about the latest tool or app that can help us design modern, Pinterest-y looking images for our clients.

Yes, Pinterest-y is an adjective in our office.

On any given day, we could be working on projects for 5 different clients at once. On Monday we could be mocking up a stylish new email template. Wednesday might call for finding new social media images for the weekend’s posts. We research to find images that complement each brand while doing it quickly (especially as the holiday season approaches).

Here are the top 5 design tools that we’ve been loving for our projects lately. They’re all user-friendly, modern, and help us do what we do best: make your brand shine visually. All have our stamp of approval as safe & trustworthy applications.

  1. Balsamiq
    Rapid, effective and fun wireframing software
    We’ve introduced Balsamiq to several friends and coworkers that need help with website redesign projects. Imagine a digital version of a whiteboard used to create your site’s new skeleton. Instead of bringing your vision to life with dry-erase markers, Balsamiq lets you do it all online by selecting hundreds of common website buttons and tools to draw out your new site. Some buttons that we love are the social media icons, radio buttons, a search bar, and a shopping bag icon for checkout. It’s a wireframe tool, so it outlines a general visual of what you want your site to look like. (more…)

Meet the Team: Our Digital Marketing Coordinator Amanda

Our team is always growing, and this month we welcomed Amanda as our Digital Marketing Coordinator. Amanda joins us after previously working with Clarus Commerce, an e-commerce company that owns several subscription-based online shopping websites.

Amanda spent her four years of college on Boston’s North shore at Endicott College.  She majored in communications with a concentration in advertising and a minor in psychology. Amanda chose her career in advertising based on her love of art and writing. She felt that this field would be a good hybrid of her two passions.

Get to know some more about Amanda:


Holiday Marketing Ideas For Your Brand

The beginning of October has signaled the start of holiday preparation. Retailers and businesses have begun to plan for the holidays. If you’re a little behind schedule, don’t worry. It’s not too late to create a holiday marketing plan for your business or brand.

In the upcoming holiday months, marketing on social media is a key component to promoting your brand. Here are some ideas to help keep your posts trendy, up-to-date, and ready for the holidays.


Meet the Team: Our Fall Marketing Intern Nicole!

We are delighted to have our intern Nicole joining us for the Fall. Nicole is a native of the Bronx, New York, and is currently a senior at Central Connecticut State University. She is pursuing her degree in strategic communications and public relations, and is a member of Central’s honors program.

We spoke with Nicole to learn more about her: