Snow, winds at 40 miles an hour, and temperatures in the 20s swept into the Northeast Corridor.  Most minds were less on how to celebrate the New Year than on how to get from Point A to Point B without suffering too much.

That sort of frame of mind is a great opportunity for retailers, professional services firms, and nonprofits to “break the ice” with propsective buyers and donors.  And this marketing tactic costs very little.

Just put out a device to dispense warm beverages and maybe some mini treats.  All the better if you bake them yourselves.  Or for that spread you can partner with another organization such as a bakery, car dealer, or public relations firm which wants its brandname out there.   Yes, next to the goodies, there’s a cute sign identifying the warmer-uppers as from X or Y organization.

Warm, no pun intended, hospitality truly does melt the hearts of even cynical buyers.  This tactic is especially effective when they have just endured the brutality of frigid weather.


Happy New Year from all of us at Image Marketing Consultants.