Getting back into the office on Monday means there’s a whole new week of projects, new goals to achieve, emails to answer, and a much needed coffee on our desks.

At our office we always try to beat that feeling of the Monday Blues. It’s good to start the week off with high energy, new ideas, and by putting our best foot forward. 

Here’s a few things that we do to make Mondays the best they can be:

  • Grab a coffee: It’s a no brainer, right? At IMC we take turns grabbing everyone a coffee on Monday. Giving almost everyone an extra 5 minutes in the morning. There’s nothing better than walking into the office and seeing your favorite drink.
  • Set your own goals: Before jumping into a project, take a second to go over all of the goals that you want to accomplish this week, and make a list. It can be overwhelming to walk into the office and jump right into the last project you ended on.
  • Meet with your team: We try to get our Monday Marketing Meeting done in the morning. It’s a great way to go over everything that is due, talk about new ideas, and put new tasks on our to-do lists.
  • Play music: Our office is never quiet. We always have music playing, and have a few go to playlists we listen to. On Spotify, the Mood Booster playlist is our current favorite!
  • Take a lunch break: Having a good Monday lunch break is the only way to make it through the afternoon. We are Moe’s Monday regulars. And we are never short on snacks!


We hope your coffee is strong, and your Monday is short!