At our office, we are always coming up with designs, logos, and infographics for our clients. The designer behind all of that work, is Jenna!

Jenna has been working for IMC for almost a year, and has designed over 50 projects for our clients. She graduated from Marist College in 2015 with a double degree in Digital Media and Studio Art, with a concentration in Graphic Design. Before joining our team, she interned at Crazivity Design Studio in London, and Redbook Magazine in New York.


She started off as an artist, sketching and drawing in her free time, and in college, jumped into the field as a Digital Media major. When she first started designing, all of the programs, were very new to her. But she picked them up quickly, playing with new skills every day. Her art background helped her get into the designs and learn how to make them digital.


I asked her a few questions about her work, and how she designs:

How do you make your work stand out? 

“I like to start from scratch. I start with a hand drawn design, then I do the general layout, and from there I build up the design. After that, it comes down to picking a font, and then selecting the colors,” She explained. She’ll have multiple mock up designs, and then from there decide which one that fits the client the best. If it matches the vibe that the brand has, she will tweak it, and send a few proofs to the client. By starting from the very beginning and thinking about the design, it allows her to come up with the most creative final product.

What tips do you have for new designers? 

“A good way to start is to look for design and inspiration everywhere. I know that sounds tacky, but there is design in everything. If I see a product that I like, at the mall or the grocery store, I take a picture of it. I Google search samples and get inspired by looking at design after design.” When learning a new program her advice is, “Go for it. Even if the program scares you. The more comfortable you are, the more you can do!”

A few Do’s and Don’ts: 

  • Do incorporate white space. “People want to fill up everything, but there needs to be room to breathe.”
  • Don’t use too many different fonts in projects… or comic sans
  • Do research, and stick to a color palette when designing
  • Don’t place text over a busy background
  • Do experiment with mixing photography and illustration, “Spacing them out in the correct way can give you a great design.”

Some of Jenna’s favorite designs include logos and infographics, but it really comes down to how creative she can be. “The more creative I can be, the better. I love incorporating handmade or illustrated elements.”

Below are some of the designs that Jenna has created for us:




We hope some of these tips helped you! If your company is looking for design help, don’t hesitate to contact us at 860.863.5861 or