Just like people, brands get lost and have to spend some time in “rehab.”  Both, fortunately, are resilient and can bounce back from whatever.  Image Marketing Consultants has 3 tips for restoring your brand.

Admit the problem.  JC Penney had to first recognize, in public, that its turnaround strategy under Ron Johnson wasn’t panning out.  That gave the signal to all key constituencies from security analysts to shoppers that they could now expect something different.  The brand was, in a sense, saying: Give us a second chance.

Provide incentive for returning.  The business media have hammered Carnival Cruise Lines as a troubled brand. It has had some severe operational problems.  However, strong brands like Carnival have been bouncing back since Procter & Gamble invented the concept of brand management in the 1930s.  With the right incentives people will be willing to return, if only to take another look.  One incentive could be provided through contests which offer free cruises for two in exchange for the best ideas on how to improve the cruise experience.  Another could be steep discounts on popular cruise distinations.

Try humor. Now that The Great Recession is over and good weather is here, people are ready to laugh again. Humor, especially directed at your own brand’s stumbles, could shift attention from the past to the future.  That might lead to forgiveness.

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