Launching a new concept for on-the-go eating?  Considering running for the U.S. Senate in 2016? Or raising money for the victims of a natural disaster?

In all those campaigns, a celebrity presence is a big plus.  Like it or not, approve or it or not, America operates on star power.  Always has.  Historians are just disclosing now how much Founding Father George Washington was a carefully crafted celebrity brand.  That brand was continually reconfigured to align with the changing times.

At Image Marketing Consultants we have been able to help hundreds of needy veterans and graduating college seniors through celebrity spokesperson Mike D’Atoni. From the New York Knicks and the USA Men’s Olympic Basketball Coach, D’Atoni provided the star power in the Save a Suit campaign during the summer of 2012.

Thanks to D’Atoni, including his $20,000 donation, Save a Suit was able to collect and distribute new suits, ties, and shoes to 100s of job hunters. Television networks, local newspapers, bloggers, and tweeters showed up to give the Save a Suit Foundation the publicity it needs to continue its mission.  Star power is the American version of the Law of Attraction.

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