Back to School Campaign 

Each year, the retail industry gets excited to promote one of its hottest times of the year for sales: Back To School. Stores gear up to push Back To School sales as early as June to prepare for the necessities that students require, like backpacks, school supplies and new clothes. It’s a prime opportunity to get people into their stores to buy school needs and (potentially) more.

Image Marketing Consultants created a multimedia campaign for events and sales surrounding the Back To School season. With the student demographic spanning from youth to young adults, the campaigns targeted the elementary through college age group. As seen in this example, the logo reigns at the top of each ad as the headline to keep the brand name clear. Collateral was versatile enough to be used for both digital and print mediums. Flyers were designed and printed that could be customized for each center to include products they were pushing for the Back To School shopping season.

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