Dressed to the Nines provides the professional gentleman with an opportunity to design, personalize, and customize a high-end wardrobe by working with the most exquisite fabrics, leather goods, and accessories. Every detail is tailored to the needs of the customer including hard-to-fit sizing and detailed customization.

One of the specialty areas of Dressed to the Nines is custom dress shirts. These shirts are tailored to emphasize a clean and professional look. Shirts off the rack often fail to provide an adequate fit. Custom shirts are designed specifically for the individual to create a more professional and high-end impression.

Dressed to the Nines specializes in custom suits as well which include business suits, casual sport coats, and trousers. All aspects of their suits are completely customizable to fit your needs.

Accessories such as neckwear, cufflinks, and leather goods are also available. Neckties are the most important aspect of a man’s wardrobe; however, they are often overlooked. With crisp colors and creative patterns all of our neckties are completely customizable to individual needs and act as the focal point of any ensemble.

The cufflinks at Dressed to the Nines provide gentlemen with jewelry to accent their look. With both formal and dressy options we provide our clients with a variety of options to match their personality.

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