“Contrarians,” as they are called, get attention because they think out of the box.  For example, on Wall Street, when everyone is buying Apple stock, contrarian analysts recommend selling or going short.  Investors are all ears.  Here are 3 tips from Image Marketing Consultants on how you can leverage contrarian marketing for your business here in the Northeast Corridor, especially New England.


§ Upside Down Piggybacks. The trend is healthy everything.  You feature sinful or indulgent products and services. Example: 430-calorie double-frosted cupcakes to eat instead of going to the gym.

§ Unconventional Slogans/Taglines. When businesses gush about their excellent customer service, position yours as built on DIY or Do It Yourself.  Example: “Because we’re lazy, you serve yourself – and save lots of $.’

§ Humor. Being funny involves risk but it’s a grabber because most businesses present themselves as serious.  Post on YouTube videos of your products talking back to customers.  Example: The tomato says it wants to be part of a salad, not a sauce.


Kate Sirignano, founder of Image Marketing Consultants, provides complimentary consultants on marketing, public relations, media buying, social media, and special events, 203-404-4868Kate@imagemarketingconsultants.com.