Creative Design & Branding

In our industry, you have to be creative. It takes creative strategizing and out-of-the-box thinking to organize successful campaigns. But nowhere does Image Marketing Consultants’ creativity shine more than in the creative services we provide to clients in every aspect of what we do. We’ll make sure your brand is represented in the best light through the creative we produce for you. Whether designing for social posts, an email blast, a new logo, or new print collateral, your brand’s personality will be spoken through the images we design.

Our expert team of designers and PR agency writers will work with you to create dynamic images that represent the core features and values of your brand. From logo, graphic design and website design to event programs and promotional brochures, our creative solutions will bring your ideas to life. Through the use of specific colors, textures and graphics, it’s our mission to make your brand stand out from the competition while keeping up with modern design and your ever changing market.

Our most popular creative services include:

Logo Redesigns

Logos can dramatically impact how your brand is publicly recognized. Our design team can:

  • Listen to your ideas. We want to hear what types of logos you like and what you don’t like. Have some logos in mind that you admire? We can analyze them and use that as a starting point for yours.
  • Take your current logo and run with it to give it a fresh new look that is easier to see and remember. A strong logo that easily communicates the message of your company will help you to stand out amongst competitors
  • Improve the overall consumer perception of your brand by creating a crisp, clear logo that advertises your name and resembles pieces of your industry. Our team of designers work to update and reinvent your current logo to give your business a modern look and ensure that you are remembered among consumers
  • Create several different variations of a new logo so that you can show us your favorites and suggest edits so we can make it perfect

Print Media

This includes print ads, flyers, business cards, folders, menus, and all other types of advertisements that are meant to be printed and tangible. Our print media efforts:

  • Allow your business to reach a broad audience on a regular basis. Take business cards as one example: placing them in an open area allows customers to take your information as they come through your doors
  • Are based on your needs and what makes sense for your company. We create your event invitations, update your restaurant’s menu, and can promote your advertisements through a variety of mediums. Image Marketing Consultants has additional experience in the development of business cards, trifold booklets, pop-up banners, and brochures. What works for one company may differ from what you need for yours
  • Are focused on bringing your brand to life with a tangible product. Our creativity and attention to detail with print media materials will help your brand receive added attention from potential customers

Digital Media

The digital world has ushered in a new way to advertise. With access to the digital world at our fingertips, it’s crucial your brand is updating images and information to users online. Our digital campaigns:

  • Devise content that can be transferred across the internet and through electronic devices
  • Are catered to what makes sense for your brand’s presence on the web. Let us market your brand with web banners, social posts, and gifs among other possibilities.
  • Will stand out in your market amongst the clutter. With so many advertising and public relations possibilities taking place online, we want to make sure your name is keeping up with this digital transition. Our targeted advertisements span the web and allow for your business to get noticed

Social Media Images

We understand how important your image is on social media. With the majority of your clients checking into their social media accounts daily, this is a great opportunity to get their attention with appealing graphics. Make them think about your brand and turn a social media post into a sale later on. When you use Image Marketing Consultants, your business will:

  • Receive a personalized, branded social media refresh that follows your guidelines and maximizes your social presence. When a user lands on your social media page, they make the quick decision to scroll down for more information or to leave. Give them a great first impression with quality images
  • Get fresh, modern creative made in-house specifically for use on social media. Custom profile pictures and cover photo images are designed to reflect your brand, and then posted on your company’s Facebook page