Many people have come to believe that social media has overtaken digital marketing, but we beg to differ. There
are over 2.9 billion people that use email every day, that’s three times the user accounts on Facebook and Twitter combined.

If you aren’t using e-blasts as a regular marketing tool, its a good idea to add them to your content marketing toolbox! 

Experienced marketers use email as a major way to promote their business, and it is their base of promotional efforts and advertising strategies.


34% of Americans check their email “throughout the day,” on an average of 3-7 times. Emails are direct, and personal, which make them easily seen. Your information will have a notification, versus getting lost in a social media timeline.

When can your business use an E-blast? 

  1. Monthly Newsletters. Newsletters are a great way to showcase what your business has been up to, from articles, pictures, and events. They don’t have to be long, coming up with short and sweet content will do the trick. Newsletters give your business a community feel, and offer great content to get your customers to use your services!
  2. Your business is having an event, and you want to invite a guest list! E-vites are a quick and easy way to get information out, and you can also market other specials your business is having.
  3. There is a sale or special going on. Think of all of the retailers that email you daily with sales! Come up with a catchy headline, and send your e-blast in the afternoon to avoid your sale getting lost in the morning bombardment of emails.

When you decide to make your first e-blast make sure that:

  • You have a catchy subject line so your email doesn’t end up in the trash
  • You use a mobile friendly template, 75% of emails are open on a phone or tablet
  • You use have links to your social accounts! (the more marketing the better!)

Many of our clients utilize e-blasts monthly, quarterly, or as needed throughout the year. If you need help making e-blasts for your business, we would love to help. for more information email us at