Elena Cahill is an attorney, Certified Energy Manager (CEM), owner of Globele Energy, and convinced planet earth doesn’t have to worry any more about energy.

Today, she published a think piece about the technology and business of trash-to-energy on the syndicated site of financial information company Motley Fool.  Here you can read it.  Since there is plenty of garbage – in the U.S. each person produces more than four pounds a day – there will be plenty of energy.

Elena is a client of Image Marketing Consultants.  We are mighty proud of this publishing accomplishment.  She is also a columnist for the syndicated legal blog Law and More, which is housed in the Library of Congress.

As the Globele Energy website says:

“Our mission is to teach and implement strategies for our clients throughout the world that will conserve energy, create energy, purchase cost-effective energy, and then save money.”

You can reach Elena at elena@globeleenergy.com.