Every year you should update your marketing plan and continually be on a mission to maximize your results. As you know, results increase your dollars and dollars increase your growth. It’s an endless loop, but one every company should be on.

If you want to be in the loop, start implementing these items immediately. These marketing trends won’t be fading anytime soon and they are more than significant, they are necessary.

Mobile – embrace it.
Your website should be accessible via mobile or tablet with optimal functionality for great user experience.  This shows your company is current and relevant. Statistics show that 66% of mobile users read their emails on smartphones so having mobile-responsive messaging that matches your site’s functionality is important.

Content, content and more content.
The quickest way to your audience’s heart is through valuable content. Content marketing through social media, blogging, email, and video helps you establish authority and gains trust with prospects, plus it’s a great SEO boost.

Personalize your content.
Content creation has become a major marketing trend and people are on overload. This creates a very selective audience as to what they will read or watch. Personalizing your information for prospective clients is key for building your brand and for building relationships.

One size does not fit all.
When you create and share brand content (a video, image, blog post, article, etc.) on different social media platforms you’re bound to get different results. It’s important to evaluate the type of engagement on each platform so you can customize your content for each one. This helps strengthen your brand with a new, targeted approach.

Be a human.
Stop the pitch and try to connect on a real, human level. People are looking for honesty, education, and clarity and never truly want to be “sold”. When you take this approach, it will be recognized and your brand will naturally expand along with the bottom line.