Everything has been “falling” into place for us during these past two months. We are embracing the season with scented candles  and pumpkin spiced coffee in the office, and are all heavily involved in up and coming projects for the holidays. Take a peek at what’s been consuming our days below:

-Apple Harvest Festival:

The entire group volunteered alongside the Rotary Club of Southington at the renowned Apple Harvest Festival in September. We donned our aprons and served up some french fries from our booth. Hungry attendees could choose between curly and regular fries, with a pallette of different toppings. Mozzarella sticks were also offered for those that preferred something cheesy. We even got to sample the infamous apple fritters-hot out of the fryer.

-Holiday Campaigns:

‘Twas the season for holiday marketing in our office. We are always one step ahead, and are already planning for the December holidays for our client Centennial and their national malls. Our designers participated in a photoshoot to produce quality photographs that were placed on posters and advertisements. The social media team worked on themed social posts for the malls to entice people to start their holiday shopping. It has been a very festive two months in our office!


We are outgrowing our office space and are expanding into part of the downstairs area of our beautiful building. Our team is in the beginning stages of planning and reorganizing our office layout to better accommodate our work area. We are looking for a tenant to share our downstairs, and are offering 700 sq ft. of private fully renovated space. We welcome anyone interested to email us and come check it out.

We are looking forward to a spook-tacular Halloween, before bracing ourselves for Winter!