We all know that networking is extremely important and beneficial for us. LinkedIn has especially boomed over the past few years, becoming one of the most popular forms of networking. It is an engaging social media platform, excellent marketing tool, and a job listing space all in one. Connecting with professionals in your field has never been easier…or has it gotten harder?  LinkedIn is growing at a rapid pace and so are its standards. Here’s how to make the most out of your Linkedin profile and keep it in great shape.

  • Professional picture – This goes without saying, but one of the most obvious rules of LinkedIn is to make sure you have a professional profile picture. This isn’t like any other social media platforms, this is a business setting! Make sure your picture is reflects a professional and clean look. (Some good lighting wouldn’t hurt either!)


  • Post regularly – Although this isn’t like Facebook or Twitter where you’re constantly reposting memes or videos, it’s still just as important to update and post content regularly. Find articles, videos, and news about your industry or company and share them on your profile. It will give those who are looking at your profile a great sense of who you are regarding your work, the field you’re in, and your interests. Just don’t post too much and remember to keep it strictly professional!


  • Connect with people right away – You may think that adding someone on any social media platform right away is a big no-no (and too creepy). That is not the case with LinkedIn. The platform is designed to be a professional network. Don’t be afraid to hop on and connect with people you’ve spoken to after conferences, meetings, internships, and job fairs. That’s how connections are made.


  • Give Endorsements – If you’re not too familiar with LinkedIn, “endorsements” are a good way vouch for someone else’s skills. If you have peers, coworkers, or friends that have really great skills that you support, endorse them! Don’t be afraid to ask for endorsements either. Ask for someone to back you up if you know that you possess certain skills or qualities. It looks great on your profile and will allow you to appear even more credible.


  • Nurture relationships – So, you’ve made the connection. Now what? Well, just like many other relationships in life, don’t forget about them. Nurturing and keeping your connections alive will pay off in the long run. Don’t let people forget your name! Comment on their posts and congratulate them if they got a new job or were promoted. Keeping these connections means that they will keep your name in the back of their mind.


Whether you’re a beginner at LinkedIn or an absolute pro, these concrete tips will work for you and help you in the long run. LinkedIn is a great platform to take advantage of when it comes to opportunities in your field. Don’t let fear or intimidation keep you from using it; show off who you are and what you can do to the world!