Sure, every personal brand and organization wants to increase its influence.  That makes it easier to sell products and services, fundraise, and get on the radar of the powers that be.

One way of gaining and increasing influence, it appears from scanning the news headlines, is to attack.  Today, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg faults both presidential candidates for not having the right position on gun control.  Iconic singer Elton John classifies Madonna as over.

Yes, those negatives got those players attention, at least today.  However, that’s a risky game since, longer term, the well is poisoned. Also, those less experienced in communications might not be able to manage the controversy.

A shrewder strategy is to create the “white space” between the negative and too simplistic positives to add something of value.  For example, instead of getting attention by being critical of Madonna, develop an opinion-editorial for THE WALL STREET JOURNAL or, locally here in New England, the HARTFORD COURANT, on the struggle of the aging entertainer.  In that piece, point out how Betty White and Clint Eastwood have managed to endure.

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