We love these tips that the Pinterest Marketing Team posted. Pinterest can be one of the social media outlets businesses might forget to use in order to expand their brand. When we work with a client, we always explain all of the ways that it can benefit their business.

Consider the tips below and get your company going today.


Our top three:

1. Add a link: You want to make sure that your own pins connect back to your website or Facebook page. It will generate more traffic to your site, and educate people about your brand.

2. Create and Pin images with text: What is your pin about? If it is a picture of a flower garden, explain it with a few short sentences.The more information on a pin the better.

3. Pin consistently, at least 5 pins a day: Adding a pin to your boards can be as easy as clicking the Pin It! button. That can take a few short minutes a day, and adding 1 out of the 5 of your own posts would also be great. That way, fresh content is being added every day.