c424f72353a0acee8cef06c3a7491feaSending a thank you note is one of the most important things you can do after meeting with a potential client. Today, most people simply send an email, but have we forgotten the personal touch of snail mail?

You will probably agree that when a client receives a thank you note in the mail it immediately conveys how important they are. It shows more than a formality, it shows someone actually took the time to hand-write it and send it, and these days that is rare.

Below are a few tips that will help in the process.

  • Use professional stationary.
    You want to make sure your cards don’t look like a typical Hallmark card. Professional stationary or branded stationary, helps with your brand exposure and also shows your client you are not a newbie.
  • Write genuinely.
    When writing a thank you note, go into detail and be specific, but be sure to sound genuine. You are thanking a potential client, so there is no need for added fluff.
  • Write as neatly as possible.
    This may sound a bit trivial, but messy handwriting can show you were either too rushed or they were not important enough. We suggest you take your time and write the note to the best of your ability.
  • Write the address on the envelope.
    It’s so easy to print labels, but if you’re taking the time to write the letter, take a minute more and write the address. It’s just another special little touch.
  • Don’t wait.
    Send your note out within a week, or your gesture won’t be fresh in the clients mind.

Believe us when we say a little thank you note goes a long way!