We are excited to welcome our new Account Director Crystal to our team! Crystal joined Image Marketing Consultants as a consultant on our annual Southington Chamber of Commerce Community Directory project. After just a few short months of working with her we knew she would be a powerful asset to any company and asked her to join us full time as a leading Account Director, where she will act as a lead marketing strategist and manager of major accounts. Combining her 10 plus years’ experience in marketing, branding, and business development with her strong expertise in data-driven research analysis, and long-term strategic planning, Crystal has become a prominent addition to the consulting services IMC offers its clients.

Prior to joining IMC, Crystal was the Chief Marketing Officer for International Construction Consultants overseeing both national and international markets and clients.  Here she led corporate business development and implemented new client systems; increasing the firm’s consulting revenues by 800% in just a few short months. Previous to this, Crystal held various positions as Director of Marketing, Business Development Director, and Senior Sales Representative for nationwide and Fortune 500 companies.Crystal holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing, from the highly recognized top business school Hofstra University. She has always enjoyed immersing herself in the community in which she resides, planning and facilitating a multitude of community events.

Crystal’s greatest strengths are her creativity, drive and analytical nature. She thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach or revolutionize a current standard by producing out of the box yet efficient solutions.

We asked her a few questions, so you can get to know her better! 

Why did you feel you would be a good fit with the IMC team? 

Most the team were similar in age, all women, felt comfortable with the girls. Most importantly I felt that our areas of service and experience complement one another.

What projects and goals are you excited about accomplishing this year? I am excited about learning new things from Kate and her team in the areas of focus that I am less experienced in and being a positive contribution to their national pipeline

What is your favorite past job? CMO as International Construction Consultants as I really enjoyed traveling and meeting national and international clients 

Top 3 client relation tips: 

1.) Ask questions/inquire.curiosity-> people love to talk about themselves and its proven that the more they talk, the more they trust you

2.) meet them where they are at. Always use an approach or delivery that most compliments that clients specific personality type

3.) help to align others in your network. Even if it doesn’t benefit your business initially, aligning two people in your network for a potential strategic partnership will always be appreciated and come back around at some point

Lightning round!

Favorite food: Stuffed artichokes
Favorite item of clothing: At the moment vintage burberry cape
Beach or mountains: 
Most-used app on your phone:
Thing you could do for hours and never get sick of:
Fashion design sketches
One word friends would use to describe you: 
What did you go to school for:
 Marketing and business management
What do you like to read and watch:
All I watch are documentaries, I love reading for research purposes
In 2017, you’re most excited for:
 Working with the IMC team and helping to build their national client base