We are thrilled to welcome Erica to Image Marketing Consultants! Erica became a member of IMC in late Spring, and joined the design team as a Junior Graphic Designer. Erica’s love of graphic design stemmed from a greeting card business that she created on Etsy. She decided to pursue this passion and obtained her degree from Central Connecticut State University in Graphic Information Design, with a minor in Communications.

Get to know more about Erica

What are you excited to work on at Image Marketing Consultants?

I am really excited to work on real world designs with our clients.

What is your favorite thing about graphic design?

There are so many different directions you can take. There are super creative things that you get to do. You always have to keep up with the trends to make sure that your designs are current.

What advice do you have for aspiring graphic designers?

Make friends with the people in your graphic design program in college. It helps to stay connected, because that is potentially how you can land your first job.

Lightning Round:

Place You Want to Travel to: Italy because of my Italian heritage

Hobby You Love: Reading

Fun Fact: My whole body bruises really easily

Go To Order at a Restaurant: Salad and a shared appetizer

Favorite Item of Clothing: Shoes

Most Prized Possession: My laptop

One Word Friends Would Use to Describe You: Loud

Favorite TV Show: Younger

Most Used App On Your Phone: Snapchat