1. I attend Naugatuck Valley Community college. I have been attending for 5 semesters, and I major in Digital arts/ Graphic Design.  I have many goals in the design industry, however I’d be very interested in having my own name brand or making album covers for famous singers/songwriters.
  2. I wanted to join the Image Marketing Company team to professionally expand my knowledge, experience, and happiness within the design industry. I also want to give the company my input and help them perform the best we possibly can as a team to exceed our clients expectations.
  3. I look forward to learning to work with real clients and companies professionally by giving them exactly what they want, but with my own twist to it. I want to learn to work within time frames to be able to get a better understanding of what a job will consist of in the future.  I also want to learn to work very precisely and clean!
  4. My favorite thing about my own work is how unique it is. I try to draw and design things in which no one thinks of. I like to be able to create something that is on my mind, and let people take their own perspective on it.
  5. My three top intern tips are to focus, apply, and conquer. Focusing is important because design work takes time and is very tedious.  You must pay very close attention to what you are working on to make it perfect for your clients.   You have to fully apply yourself and dedicate your time and energy into working the hardest you possibly can; otherwise you will not grow as much as you can.  Conquer your work, and be proud of it!
  6. I cannot leave the house without my cellphone!

Favorite food: bacon, ice cream, my daily coffee, and pizza!

Cat or dog: Both, I’ve grown up with both my whole life so I can’t decide!

Savory or sweet: I’ve got a big sweet tooth.

Beach or mountains: Beach please

Instagram or Snapchat: Instagram

Most-used app on your phone: Instagram and snapchat

What do you like to read and watch: I’m not a fan of reading but my favorite shows are Pretty Little Liars, and The Walking Dead!

In 2016, you’re most excited for: New beginnings, moving on, and becoming successful!