The new year is ushering in a brand new revamped blog for Image Marketing! We couldn’t think of a better way to begin than with a blog post about Elena, our newest intern! Elena is a native of Derby, CT and is in her senior year at Southern Connecticut State University. She is pursuing a degree in communications with a concentration in advertising and promotions, and a minor in marketing. We are so excited to welcome Elena to the team, and are looking forward to her help in bringing new and creative content to our blog.

Scroll down to learn a little bit more about Elena:

What aspects of your internship are you looking forward to?:

I am really looking forward to working on the blog. I am also excited about working on social media analytics because that is something I’ve never done before.

What is your favorite thing about your major in college?:

I love how close our department is and how all the students know each other. We all keep in touch during our breaks, and I’m hopeful that those relationships will last after college.

What is your ideal dream job?

I would like to work in the marketing or advertising industry with fashion, beauty, or retail.

Lightning Round:

Place You Want to Travel to: Bali

Hobby You Love: Reading

Fun Fact: I have never had a pet.

Go-to Order At a Restaurant: Burger and fries

One Word That Your Friends Would Use To Describe You: Curious

Most Played Song on your Playlist: Cherry by Lana Del Rey

Favorite Item of Clothing: High waisted jeans

Favorite Designer: Store: Marshalls