We are so excited to welcome our new intern Katherine to the team! She has been a great asset to us in the past few weeks, and has caught on quickly with all of our projects that we are currently working on! Katherine is going into her junior year at Fordham University, studying communications and marketing. She grew up 30 minutes away from IMC, in Farmington, CT. Here’s a little bit more about her:


Tell us about your college experience. I love college, everyone thought I’d be the sibling to miss my family the most, and have a hard time adjusting, because I am definitely family oriented and a homebody. However, it has been the opposite for me. I look forward to going back to school, mostly because it’s located in New York City, and there’s always something exciting going on.

What do you want to do after graduation? Once I graduate college, I hope to find a job in New York. I love working in PR, and after starting my internship it has really helped me to narrow down on potential job ideas after graduation. I’d love to eventually have my own company, whether it be in event planning, or PR, that’s the dream!

Why did you want to join the IMC team? I started my hunt for an internship looking for something in the marketing/communications field, and when I found IMC, I knew I’d fit right in. After meeting your awesome team, I could sense that I’d be a perfect fit. The atmosphere is fun and happy, and I knew it’d easy for me to feel comfortable asking questions and learning.

What do you look forward to learning from IMC? As much as I can, I’m here to learn! I’m really fascinated about how Kate started her own business at such a young age, and how you’ve all been able to keep it successful for so long. Additionally, I want to learn about how the business operates, and inside it all.

Top three intern tips:

  1. Never be afraid to speak up and ask questions.
    • You’re at this internship to learn and broaden your horizons. If you stay in your comfort zone, you’ll never achieve what you set out to do, and then you’ll have wasted your time.
  2. Ask for feedback on your work.
    • Aside from asking general questions, after completing something, be sure to ask for your boss’s opinion, and have him or her tailor it to perfection. Because this is probably the first time you’re doing this task, it is important to learn
  3. Always say thank you.
    • Talk to your boss about what you’re getting out of your internship, and thank him or her for giving you the opportunity to work there. We all love hearing the occasional expression of appreciation, so don’t be shy about offering it. A simple expression of gratitude may ensure this contact for future reference.

What can’t you leave the house without? Honestly, it’s probably my cell phone. I don’t tend to carry a ton of stuff around with me, I don’t even bring a purse unless it’s an absolute necessity. The only thing, aside from my keys and wallet, that I always have with me is my cell phone.

Lightning round:

Favorite food: Steak

Cat or dog: Dog, I have a cockapoo named Mojo.

Savory or sweet: Sweet all the way

Beach or mountains: Beach

Instagram or Snapchat: Instagram

Most-used app on your phone: Maps (and I still manage to get lost every time)

Two words friends would use to describe you: Open-Minded and Light-Hearted  

Favorite hobbies? Photography, running, painting, and spending time with my friends

What are you currently watching: 24 and the Bachelor, for balance

In 2016, you’re most excited for: Expanding my knowledge, and taking more adventurous and thrilling trips