Anyone who has made a presentation to a board of directors at a corporation, a group of venture capitalists, or security analysts on an earnings conference call knows the importance of numbers.  Although sophisticated professionals understand that numbers can be manipulated, they still demand them – lots of them.

Because of the so-called “creativity” involved in marketing and public relations those heading organizations might have held back on including numbers in messaging.  Mistake.  Numbers seduce.  They are entities which prospects and current customers and clients can put their arms around.  Also, digging them up and putting them out there show you care.

One set of numbers which get more than the average share of attention is this: results from a survey.  For example, an expert on employment law includes in her communications the numbers from ManpowerGroup which found that 86 percent of employees in America plan to look for a job in 2013.  In higher education, Quinnipiac University developed a powerful brandname through its Polling Institute.  And you can also harness this power of the survey.

How to conduct a survey?  You can Do It Yourself (DIY) through a free mechanism such as Survey Monkey.  Or, you can seek out a partner to share the cost and enhance the opportunities for promotion.  You can also use a professional agency such as Image Marketing Consultants.

Kate Sirignano, founder of Image Marketing Consultants, can help you with collecting and presenting the numbers which could be the tipping point in your marketing, public relations, and partnerships.  Contact Kate for a complimentary consultation, 860-863-5861.