La Petite France Bakery- Fall Open House Recap
Fall is officially in full swing and while most of us have overdosed on all things apple (Lord knows I have…. …it’s safe to say I’ve indulged in all of the above) those who attended the Fall Open House at La Petite France Bakery this past Thursday had the opportunity to step away from the fall foods and enjoy some authentic French delicacies! We helped Alexandra Litor, the owner of La Petite France coordinate an open house for her regular customers as well as residents unfamiliar with the bakery. With a little PR, and local newspapers and bloggers spreading the word, we had an incredible turn out. Early guests were lucky enough to snag samples of a variety of authentic French pastries ranging from mini-éclairs to croissant sandwiches, to raspberry tartlets. In addition to the regular menu items, there were sample sheets of cake and icing combinations, courtesy of the new in-house cake baker- Katie Gray. It is safe to say that all in attendance had a good time, nothing better than a little event marketing and free food! Visit the La Petite France Facebook page to see tons of photos from the event.  

La Petite France has a wonderful reputation in the West Hartford community; however, many people don’t know that they offer catering platters- customers can create their very own trays of breakfast pastries, lunch sandwiches, or traditional desserts. Their tasty platters are perfect for nearly any occasion- especially the holidays. With that said, La Petite has an incredible Thanksgiving offer right now- they are taking 20% off your entire Thanksgiving purchase! That includes pies, pastries, and platters! You can contact the bakery directly for more information 860-231-9255. *And a heads up for crepe lovers…the weekend of November 12th and 13th, La Petite France will be celebrating their two-year anniversary with a Crepe Weekend! Visit their website or Facebook page to find more details about that.  

La Petite France Bakery is located at 967 Farmington Avenue

in West Hartford Center.

8 Advertising Tips For Radio, TV, and Beyond
8 Advertising Tips For Radio, TV, and Beyond

WCCC sponsored bringing Jeff Hedquist to Hartford this past week.   Hedquist is a nationally renowned consultant improving the impact of businesses commercials through better copywriting and overall production. Jeff Hedquist has helped hundreds of businesses by writing, tweaking, and recording commercials for more response and results.   Thanks to those of you who were able to make the one hour seminar.   For those of you who couldn’t join us here are some highlights from Jeff Hedquist to make your commercials a lot more impactful

1. People have “advertising Attention Deficit Disorder” so remember commercials that sound like commercials do not work!

2. “Call to actions” are essential on your copy, but don’t give a “Call to action” until you have given a reason for people to frequent that business

3. Emotion is the key to success in commercials.  Most of us have heard radio is “The theatre of the mind,” but it really is “The theatre of the gut.”

4. Tell stories in your commercials, preferably about your customers since people buy emotionally not logically

5. Point out a flaw that isn’t detrimental in your copy to make the rest of the message more believable and then reinforce key positive things about your business

6. When you give your web address give people a reason to go there (which can be a “Call to action”)

7. The 4 principles of effective commercials are:

a) Voice

b) Music

c) Sound Effx

d) Silence (very powerful)

8. Remember the first few seconds of your commercial are “An ad for the ad” so open big Drew Wilder

Special thanks to Jeff  Hedquist and Drew Wilder for the interesting tips!

Event Marketing


Event marketing involves a promotional activity that allows a company’s products and services to have heightened public exposure. The best part about event marketing is that professional event planners strive to make events worth attending. For example, an event can have special prices, free giveaways, and food while promoting a fun social environment. Event marketing is not about making people feel like they are attending a live commercial where a company’s products and services are pushed upon those in attendance. Conversely, event marketing is about creating a fun event that people genuinely want to attend. Events allow organizations and companies to have direct personal contact with their customers and clients, which is where traditional marketing tactics fall short. However, event marketing is not only about the event itself. Event marketing professionals execute public relations and marketing campaigns surrounding their event to insure the public knows about the event and it is well-attended. Typical events include holiday parties, charity events, open houses, and grand openings. Here at Image Marketing Consultants we specialize in event planning. Our most recent event marketing clients include Puerto Vallarta and EasySeat.

For Puerto Vallarta, a Mexican restaurant, we planned a grand opening event at their new location in Orange, CT. Before the actual event we carried out a marketing and PR campaign. Our major marketing tactics included social media, press releases, and a segment with the owner of the restaurant on NBC Connecticut. For the event itself 99.1 PLR agreed to host their mostly Wig Out at the new Puerto Vallarta location. This was definitely a highlight as Mike Lapitino and the Wigmaster have quite the cult following in the area. We felt that having 99.1 PLR at the event drew a significant crowd while providing a fun social environment for guests. Additionally, Puerto Vallarta had free food as well as $3 margaritas and $2 draft beers. However, most importantly the Puerto Vallarta team was able to interact with their community and extend their network of customers. For pictures of the event click here!



For EasySeat, a third-party ticket vendor, we designed an event surrounding the UConn home football games. We have a street team of “EasySeat Girls” that interact with tailgaters and hand out EasySeat promotional items and flyers. This is a non-traditional event marketing campaign that enables the public to connect a company with a face. Like the Puerto Vallarta event the EasySeat campaign did not only involve the event itself. The campaign as a whole involved strategic radio buying as well as a concentrated advertising scheme. For pictures of the EasySeat girls be sure to check out their facebook page!

If you have an interest in using event marketing for your own company please contact Tim at or call (203) 404-4868


Grand Opening of Puerto Vallarta in Orange, CT

Hola Amigos!

Boy, did we have a crazy-busy weekend! We had two events that went phenomenally, but one in particular we wanted to share with you all.

We have been working very closely with Puerto Vallarta, the Connecticut Mexican restaurant chain for the past few months on the grand opening of their fifth location in Orange, CT. All of our hard work came together on Friday for what I can only describe as the ultimate fiesta!

We did a lot of PR and marketing for this opening. Some personal highlights included working with the Puerto Vallarta social media accounts; I hope everyone got a chance to visit their Twitter page (@PVallartaUSA)! We also teamed up with Barrett Outdoor Communications to create a phenomenal billboard that can be seen on I-95S at exit 41.

In addition, we booked a segment for the owner of Puerto Vallarta to share his famous guacamole recipe with Shirley Chan on NBC Connecticut over Labor Day weekend!

That was only leading up to the official grand opening party; during the event on Friday, the Orange Chamber of Commerce was there to orchestrate an official ribbon cutting ceremony with First Selectman, James Zeoli before things got crazy!

99.1 WPLR agreed to host their monthly  “Wig Out” at Puerto Vallarta that evening. Hundreds of people showed up, the margaritas were flowing and the food was incredible!  Mike “Lappy” Lapitino and the Wigmaster himself were broadcasting live all night from inside the restaurant. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet those guys and witness a live “Wig Out”- what a riot!

I could go on forever about the event, but I’ll let the picture’s do the rest of the talking. (Please visit our Facebook page to see a complete album).

The Image Marketing team had a wonderful time. Thank you again to everyone who came out, it was a huge success!

Easy Seat Girls at Uconn Game

The Uconn Huskies football team played a thrilling game against the Cyclones of Iowa State this past Friday night. While the action on the field was intense, it wasn’t the only thing getting fans all riled up because the Easy Seat Girls were rocking the tailgate, mingling and handing out freebies to the Uconn faithful. I wonder why they’re easy? Was the resonating question in the parking lots as the EasySeat marketing campaign got under way promoting Connecticut’s best ticket vendor. Between the hot action and the field and the girls heating up the tailgate, fans were certainly able to keep warm on what was a brisk fall evening.

Easy Seat girls

“Ask me why I’m Easy” is a non-traditional marketing campaign designed to reach consumers in a new and exciting way. A street team, known as the “EasySeat Girls,” was walking around the tailgate to spread the word about the company and to gauge interest in its service. This tactic is a form of viral marketing and is a great substitute to a more traditional advertising approach. After all, “word of mouth” is one of the best ways to market any business.

The entire campaign, which was managed by Image Marketing Consultants, included a promotional plan, strategic radio buying, a concentrated advertising scheme as well as the event itself. All in all it was a huge success and will continue at the next two Uconn home football games.Kate Terricciano, Tim Dupuis, Amanda Bellantoni

Come out October 1st as the Huskies take on Western Michigan and be sure to get there early for the tailgate to meet the Easy Seat Girls!

3rd Annual “Southington Icon” Returns to the Apple Harvest Festival

“Southington Icon, A Singing Competition” returns for it’s third year to the 43rd Annual Southington Apple Harvest Festival, located in the downtown Southington, CT, and will be held the last weekend of September and first weekend of October. Major sponsors of this dynamic event include Positive Energy, Omega Communications, Southington Arts Council, Image Marketing Consultants and Machiavelli’s Restaurant.

“It is so much fun seeing the auditions for Southington Icon. You get to see vocalists from ages 9 and up compete A Capella. It is great to see the various talent abilities and song choices that the contestants choose. The public is welcome to attend and share in the fun of audition day.” says Melissa Ericksen-Salmon, Icon Chairman.

Auditions will be held on Saturday, September 24th at Derynoski School located at 240 Main Street in Southington. Auditions will start at 10 am, and the 12 finalists will be selected that day. Individuals from all over Connecticut, ages 9 and older, are eligible to audition and the auditions will be A Capella.

The live competitions will be held during the Apple Harvest Festival, a family-oriented festival which attracts over 200,000 visitors each year. The first live competition will be held on Saturday, October 1st from 5pm – 6pm, at the main stage at the Apple Harvest Festival and will continue on Sunday, October 2nd, from 4pm – 5pm, Friday, October7th, from 6:30pm – 7:30pm, Saturday, Oct. 8th from 2pm – 3pm, and Sunday, Oct.9th, from 1pm – 2pm at which point a winner will be selected and announced. Audience members will be able to vote for their favorite performer online at or at the Southington Icon voting booth located within the festival.

The first prize winner will receive $1,000 and various bookings to showcase their talent at local restaurants in Southington. The winner will also receive professional recording studio time at Onyx Soundlab: Recording & Production Studio.

There will be some guest performances during the competitions by past ICON finalists, we have 4 past finalists scheduled for the final competition on Sun. Oct 9th at 1:00pm. Don’t miss it!

To register or for more information:

Contact Melissa Ericksen at

Visit the website at

Check out the Facebook page

or Call 860-276-1966


Fall Fashion Must-Haves for the Office!

I am a firm believer in the saying “beauty is on the inside” but we shouldn’t settle for that by letting ourselves go and neglecting the beauty on the forefront. I think that when you look your best, you feel your best, and when you feel your best, you DO your best.  As someone who works in the Public Relations, Marketing and Event Planning industry, I’ve learned that your image is one of the most important aspects of the job. While not every woman needs to dress up on a daily basis, they should make some kind of an effort to let others know that they take pride in themselves and what they are doing. Long days in an office can drag, and quite frankly when those days are spent dressed like a frump, they are far less enjoyable.  A fun outfit and a pop of color will undoubtedly lift your mood and enhance your work day!

Whether you could grace the pages of Vogue or find yourself hiding behind those pages, everyone has the opportunity to enhance their image! Fall is like a fashion jump start-the perfect time for a wardrobe pick me up.

The office is a great place to put your best foot forward, and exercise some of this seasons fashion trends…

Here are my 5 must-haves this Fall:

  1. A statement bag: Red and cobalt blue are huge colors this season. I am in love with this red Dooney and Bourke satchel, it is so classic and simple! Leather is usually quite heavy for the Summer months, but Fall welcomes the sweet smell of leather with open arms. I plan on purchasing my very own- VERY soon.
  2. Nail polish: Fall nail polish always brings back my favorite shades- the deep colors! Time to retire the pinks, pales and brights- make way for the dark neutrals; army green, dark blues, browns, deep purples, maroons and nudes. If you’re ballsy give the half moon mani a try!
  3. Faux Fur: Last season the fur trend exploded-and it looks like it is back for more. The faux fur vest is the perfect accessory for the office. The best part about it- it serves as a substitute for a heavy coat.
  4. Ankle Boots: These are by far one of my favorite shoe styles. Ankle boots can be worn with slacks, skirts or dresses (not all shoes are born so versatile)! They are typically more comfortable than a heel and come in a variety of fabrics, colors and styles. You can’t go wrong with black suede!
  5. Skirts: My favorite thing to wear in the fall is a skirt with dark tights, a turtle neck and ankle boots. Tweed pencils have always been a Fall favorite, but don’t shy away from A-line pleats and prints. A single animal accent piece is still very much acceptable. There are so many skirts to choose from, find the style that best suits you!

What are your fall must-haves? Share in the comments below!

How to Write Effective Press Releases
How to Write Effective Press Releases

In any public relations campaign, it is imperative that you write effective press releases. A press release is a vehicle by which the media mentions your client. Media outlets are constantly bombarded with press releases trying to pitch different information. Thus, it is not only important for your press release to stand out but to be concise and effective in getting across all relevant information.

The first sentence of any press release needs to encompass the who, what, when, where, and why. In the sentences to follow you need to elaborate and expand on your opening sentence.

The second paragraph should include a quote. The quote should be from an executive in the organization the press release is being written for and directly relate to the theme of the release.

The paragraphs following the second should include relevant information about the organization. For example, how the theme of the press release, such as recent staffing change or new product, will affect the future of a company.

The last section of the press release is called the boilerplate. This is essentially where you describe the organization the press release is being written for. If people are intrigued by the main body of the press release the thought is that they will read the boilerplate and gain further interest in the organization.

As a whole, with press releases, the shorter the better. Media outlets do not have time to sift through a long release and pick out information that is relevant to them.  Through these press release writing guidelines, your releases will be concise, to the point, and easy to read. Call Image Marketing Consultants today for help with your next public relations campaign!


Public Relations is like Baseball.. In so many ways.

Written By: Tim Dupuis

Being the sports fanatic I am, I’m constantly drawing comparisons between life and sports. So naturally, when I joined the team at Image Marketing Consultants based in Connecticut, and began working in the public relations industry, I looked to find a connection. And here I am, with a full month under my belt and I have finally come to the conclusion that PR is a little like the game of baseball. It sounds like a stretch but let me explain the three things that are necessary to be successful in both baseball and public relations.


In baseball….. Anyone who has ever played the game knows that you are only as good as your preparation. A player that doesn’t do the proper training before the season will not succeed during the season.

In public relations…..In the same way, a public relations campaign is only as good as the people who prepare it. A well planned campaign will create some great buzz, but a poorly planned one will often times fall flat and be ineffective. A little extra time spent on the prep work will ensure the campaign is delivered in the most effective way.


In baseball…..You can have all the skill in the world but without a little creativity once in a while you become easy to predict, and in baseball when the opponent can predict your next move, you’re in trouble. That creativity can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing.

In public relations…..Of all the factors that decide whether a PR campaign is successful, creativity is one feature that if ignored, will produce poor results. You can launch the campaign perfect in every other way but if the message is delivered in a boring way, people will ignore it. The same goes for the opposite. If it’s creative and delivers the message in a new and exciting way, people will most definitely take notice.


In baseball…..Unlike many sports, baseball is not one that is played at a frantic pace. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to succeed playing that way. In the same respect baseball employs the longest season of the four major sports, spanning 162 games, over the course of upward of seven months. To be successful is to be patient, and understand a team cannot be judged on single games but rather on performance over an extended period.

In public relations…..What any business needs to understand is that a PR campaign takes time; it’s not a one hit job. PR works best when maintained over a period of time. A single press release or social media update are great tools and will deliver the message. But the proper combination of these tools, sustained over a period of time, will make that message stick.

Call me today to discuss how Image Marketing Consultants can help you plan the best PR campaign of your life today at 203-404-4868!

Image Marketing Consultants Blog- Baseball is Like PR

Earthquake felt in Connecticut!

Today at 1:51pm, we felt our whole office building shake from an apparent 5.9 magnitude earthquake that hit in Virginia, about 40 miles from the capital of Richmond. I’ve personally never felt an earthquake prior to this, and especially not here in Connecticut. A few of our clients have already called for help with their crisis communications because their buildings have been evacuated and they need to release a statement regarding their current situations.  We’re helping write and release media advisories all afternoon….An earthquake in Connecticut? I wouldn’t have quote believed it myself if I hadn’t just felt the shaking!