Meet the Team: Edyta
Graphic design has been in high demand from our clients, and we needed to add a new member to our team!  Welcome our new graphic designer Edyta! Between all of our holiday campaigns and other client work, she has already been such an asset to the team! Edyta studied at Central Connecticut University and majored in Graphic design and Marketing. She had an internship at the New Britain Museum of Art and did local design after graduating. Edyta has always loved art, and knew that design would be the perfect career for her.  img_3353 Here’s a little bit more about her: Why did you want to join the IMC team? I wanted to get more experience with a professional team with diverse clients. I felt like I could be a great addition to the team. I really liked the design style that we have and the I knew that my style of design would fit in perfectly. What do you look forward to accomplishing at IMC? I want to work hands on with clients and help them get the best work for them. I want them to know the best design for their industry. I like to talk to them about what they want from their designs. What do you like most about the work you do? I love that I can be creative. I’m a computer designer, I almost never sketch things out before I start making them. Designing web and print. Her top 3 design tips: 
  1. Be organized! Use folders and folders and folders.
  2. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and be creative
  3. Challenge yourself! Work with new programs and always learn new design trends.
Lighting Round What would your ideal free day be with an unlimited budget? I would go to a spa and just treat myself to a relaxing day. Favorite item of clothing? Oversized sweaters Favorite animal? White Jaguar Sweet or Savory? Sweet! Nothing beats glazed Krispy Kreme donuts right out of the oven! Things you can do for hours and never get sick of: Read books by a fireplace or candle light. Go to drink order: Carmel coffee with skim milk & a shot of espresso. Favorite holiday? Christmas
5 Holiday Marketing Ideas You Can Use Today

It’s not too late to get your holiday marketing plan together. Businesses can always use new ideas to market themselves, especially around this time of year.

There are a few things that you can be implementing into your daily business marketing today to help with the upcoming month. Sometimes, posts to clients and customers can become stale, the social reach might go down on your pages, and deals that you have available aren’t attracting as many people as planned.

This is the perfect time to come up with better deals and add some holiday creative to your storefront, ads, and social posts.

For some help we came up with 5 holiday marketing ideas you can use today!

1.Black Friday Idea: Black Friday is only days away, and if you haven’t made an ad or deal yet, it’s not too late. Facebook boosted posts can go up the day that you make them! Giving you a few more days to advertise the deals that you are offering. Find a high resolution stock picture (we like the photos are 100% free!) and use that as the picture for your post or create a graphic. The higher the resolution of the picture, the more people see it. Then come up with wording that is less than 140 characters. You can boost for as cheap as $1, but in this time crunch $100 or more will be more beneficial to you.


2. Market Yourself: Your business will be busy with Holiday parties and charity events this time of year. Are any of the things that you do newsworthy? If they are, let the press know what your business is up to. Or, you can post it on your social media, it is always a good idea to show your clients or customers what you do outside of the office! Putting this information into a newsletter or blog post can also be beneficial.

3.Update Social: Social media is one of the of the easiest things you can update. Put up a fun cover photo, or profile picture that is festive! Schedule posts for all of the upcoming holiday dates, which saves you time, and helps keep coverage consistent.


4. Create a New Ad for the month of December: If you advertise in a magazine, online, or in a penny saver, update your month of deals. A professional clean cut ad is very important. It can be fun for the holidays, but it can also look updated for your business. Hiring a professional can be beneficial for this.

5.Give back to the Community: This time of year is the time of giving. Get your office or business to go to the soup kitchen, make a donation to clothing drive, or decorate a tree like we did for a Tree of Hope event! It’s a good way for your community to see that you are involved.


Happy Holidays!

If you need any help this holiday season, feel free to reach out to us.

The News on Newsletters- Tell the World What’s Happening
The News on Newsletters- Tell the World What’s Happening

What does your company do to reach out to your employees and clients? There are many options for this – social media, email, mailings, or an online newsletter. Your company can do all of the above, but a great way to know that you are getting in touch with your audience is to use an e-newsletter!

For many of our clients, we create a monthly or quarterly newsletter to send out! The service that we like to use is Constant Contact. The website is accessable, the templates are clean and easily customizable, and the analytics show up as soon as you send your newsletter out.

A newsletter can benefit any company! If you are sending out emails to your employees all the time, it might be easier to put all of that information into a compact newsletter that they can read either on their phone or at their desk. If you want to alert your customers about sales, or give them tips from the industry, its easier to put a lot of information onto the newsletter, versus a social media post.

Newsletters also drive people to your website. For many of our clients, we link information back to the site, by adding a ‘read more’ button. This helps your business show up higher on the google algorithms. It is a simple way to help your websites visits per day, and SEO. In addition to this, we also include links to their social sites – such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Helpful tips for a company newsletter:

  • Do a fun employee of the month post or employee spotlight
  • Highlight birthdays that are coming up within the month
  • Create an event section to keep your employees informed
  • Include a hard news article in the newsletter
  • Use at least 3 pictures – visuals keep readers interested!screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-1-45-16-pmHelpful tips for a customer newsletter:
  • Incorporate at least one picture per article in the newsletter
  • Connect all social media on the letter
  • Put at least one ‘read more’ button to your site
  • Do a fun monthly Q&A, recipe, or interactive contest
  • Be sure to use a mobile friendly template
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Write a catchy subject line that you would open!

There are always ways to improve your communication with all of the contacts that your business has, and a newsletter is a great addition to your PR and marketing toolbox.

Meet the team: Fall Intern Kelsey!


  1. I attend Naugatuck Valley Community college. I have been attending for 5 semesters, and I major in Digital arts/ Graphic Design.  I have many goals in the design industry, however I’d be very interested in having my own name brand or making album covers for famous singers/songwriters.
  2. I wanted to join the Image Marketing Company team to professionally expand my knowledge, experience, and happiness within the design industry. I also want to give the company my input and help them perform the best we possibly can as a team to exceed our clients expectations.
  3. I look forward to learning to work with real clients and companies professionally by giving them exactly what they want, but with my own twist to it. I want to learn to work within time frames to be able to get a better understanding of what a job will consist of in the future.  I also want to learn to work very precisely and clean!
  4. My favorite thing about my own work is how unique it is. I try to draw and design things in which no one thinks of. I like to be able to create something that is on my mind, and let people take their own perspective on it.
  5. My three top intern tips are to focus, apply, and conquer. Focusing is important because design work takes time and is very tedious.  You must pay very close attention to what you are working on to make it perfect for your clients.   You have to fully apply yourself and dedicate your time and energy into working the hardest you possibly can; otherwise you will not grow as much as you can.  Conquer your work, and be proud of it!
  6. I cannot leave the house without my cellphone!

Favorite food: bacon, ice cream, my daily coffee, and pizza!

Cat or dog: Both, I’ve grown up with both my whole life so I can’t decide!

Savory or sweet: I’ve got a big sweet tooth.

Beach or mountains: Beach please

Instagram or Snapchat: Instagram

Most-used app on your phone: Instagram and snapchat

What do you like to read and watch: I’m not a fan of reading but my favorite shows are Pretty Little Liars, and The Walking Dead!

In 2016, you’re most excited for: New beginnings, moving on, and becoming successful!

Fall Themed Creative

It’s time to switch out all of your summer creative to fall! There’s nothing worse than looking behind on all of your creative. Before we know it, Halloween and Thanksgiving will be here.

We have been busy in the office creating promotional Halloween and Fall material for our clients!

Here’s a checklist of fall things you can update:

  1. Facebook banner
  2. Profile pictures
  3. Social media posts
  4. Webpage hero image
  5. Newsletter template

We have some examples:




If you need some fall creative inspiration we have some fall freebies for you!







Happy Fall! As always we are here for you if you need us. Contact us today!

Up your Insta game

Instagram is being called the ‘new twitter’ by many social media experts. With 500 million users, and growing, it allows people, bloggers, and businesses to add a creative vibe to their social media life.

We started to use Instagram for many of our clients, and we love having it for our business as well! It allows our clients to showcase all of the great things they do, with visuals. A picture is worth 1000 words, and we always try to add a picture to posts. With Instagram, your picture is telling the story, and then your caption is secondary.

Here are some of the things that we do to up our Insta game:

  1. Take a great picture: When posting on Instagram, it is so important to pop a great picture onto the page. Try taking pictures from a few different angles, and setting your picture up in the right light. When you finally snap the pic you like, it’s time to edit! We love using Pic Tap Go, Afterlight and Color Story. There are so many options to choose from on these apps, which allows you to edit the picture so much more than a general Instagram picture. img_1144
  2. Catchy Captions are key: When coming up with a caption, you don’t want them to be too wordy. Instagram will chop off your caption with a … when it is lengthy. We like to try to keep ours under three lines, then add hashtags!
  3. Hashtag: Hashtags are lifesavers for your Instagram! People will be able to find your pictures and there will also be more social reach (the number of people who see the picture), from doing this! If you’re nervous about hashtagging a picture, just think about the category your picture falls into! You don’t need 1000 of them per picture, but a few popular hashtags, and a personal hashtag help. When you pop up the hashtag, a “popular” one will show how many people have hashtagged them in the past. If it’s over 10,000 people, that is a pretty popular tag! Your personal hashtag, such as #FallatWinterberry can help categorize your pictures by season or purpose. Don’t be afraid to come up with some fun hashtags to see what works for your business.img_1149
  4. Make a weekly post: Fun weekly posts not only make you upload a picture, but they also keep your followers involved in your page. We love doing our #TuesdayShoesday post! It shows our fun side, and brings attention to our page. While you should be posting more than once a week, a weekly post keeps you consistent.img_1143
  5. Be friendly: Join the Insta community and like pictures on your newsfeed and from the hashtags you’ve used! We love to spend time building our relationships on Instagram.

Give us a follow for some ideas! @Imagemarketingconsultants!


Happy gramming! If you need help with your social media, you can always reach out to us at 860.863.5861!


Back to School Marketing Ideas!

It’s that time again! Back to school sales and promotions are going on, and it’s a good idea to market your business.

We have been finishing up our back to school marketing campaigns and wanted to share some of our brightest ideas with you!


  • Post on social media about your deals. Take a picture of your back to school deals and post them for your followers to see. If they know you have deals, they will come to you! You can even make a fun back to school graphic to share. For example, here is ours for Connecticut Post Mall.




  • Create fun items for kids! We made a checklist for one of our clients to share. Students, as well as parents, like to know they have everything they need for back to school. We also reminded parents of tax free week. Which starts in a few days for Connecticut. GULPlv-b2s-checklist-1


  • Keep it simple and fun. Back to school, after all, is for kids to feel excited about heading back to school. It allows your business to have fun with your designs.




  • Keep up with the trends! Have you made any deals for Pokemon go users? We have! There is also the option of making a personalized Snapchat geotag for your business. If you aren’t familiar with Snapchat here’s a how to you can read.


  • The finishing touch, print your media to show off at your retail locations. We love seeing our work come to life.




We hope everyone has a great back to school season! If your business needs some help with campaigns of any sort, we are always here to help. Contact us on our website.

Meet the Team: Alexa

At Image, we are always coming up with new ways for businesses to market themselves! One of our Team members, Alexa, is our social media marketing guru. Alexa has been with IMC for over a year, she started on the team as an intern last summer. She goes to Quinnipiac University and is studying Public Relations and Public Relations.


Why did you want to join the IMC team? Last year I really wanted to find an internship where I would be able to learn a lot, and that would challenge me. I didn’t know that I would be joining such an amazing team and getting my  first job in PR!

What is your favorite thing about Public Relations and Social Media? I love that PR works so well with social media. I think that so many people can benefit from using social media every day no matter what type of business they own. It is a great way to show off your business and it’s free! So it’s a win win. I love being on social media and finding out all of the trends. When I tell people that I am on Facebook all day at work, they don’t understand how hard I am working for businesses!

What does your day to day look like? Every day at IMC is different! We have a diverse set of clients and I love working with everyone. Whether its making up some social posts, newsletters, or blogging for a client I am always ready to work. We love to go out and grab lunch from local places, and sometimes we work as a team in the conference room. There are always new things to work on!

If you could be in any city in the world right now where would you be? I would be in Florence probably! It was an amazing experience to travel abroad and as much as I do love CT, I love Italy even more.

How many pairs of shoes do you own? I own probably over 50 pairs, but I honestly wear about 10 of them! I love finding them both fashionable and comfy making them perfect for the office! (Which you should checkout our Instagram to see our future Tuesday Shoesday posts!)

Lightning round:

Favorite food: Tacos

Cat or dog: Cat! I have a fluffy fat cat named Buddy

Pen or Pencil: I use pens all the time, but I like that pencils can erase your mistakes!

Beach or mountains: Beach

Instagram or Facebook: Instagram

Most-used app on your phone: Facebook!

Two words friends would use to describe you: Bubbly and ambitious

Favorite hobbies? I love to play tennis, horseback ride, and go diving

What are you currently watching: Scandal and The Office

In 2016, you’re most excited for: Starting my senior year of college and going on amazing trips

What’s in My Desk?


A professional woman’s toolbox is her space at the office. We spend most of our week here, and we always  make sure that we have early single thing that we need. Combined with the items in our purse, we can survive any day. If you need some inspiration for your own desk, take a peek in ours!


Here are Alexa’s desk essentials! Can you tell she does PR and social media?



  1. Sunglasses: It’s always a good idea to be ready on the go! My Ray Ban’s are my go to glasses.
  2. Its all about the Image! I keep a business card or two in my desk for a quick reference to numbers and emails.
  3. I open most of the mail that comes through the office, if you don’t have one of these, I highly recommend one.
  4. I’m always ready to staple!
  5. A good pair of scissors is perfect for creative projects.
  6. My iPhone: I always have this with me, no matter where I go, you never know when good Instagram or Facebook content pops up! (Love my Lilly case?)
  7. Stickies: organization is key, cute organization, even better!
  8. I love to highlight, take notes, and mark pages. We all have our go to highlighting colors. Mine is definitely pink.
  9. Paper clips: I’m obsessed with trendy office supplies, if you can’t tell! Find them at Target.


Up next is Kate! Her desk matches her professionalism and classic style. All of the essentials of a boss worthy workspace.



  1. Gotta stay hydrated! I love drinking water from my hot pink Image Marketing tumbler.
  2. This scented lotion from Bath and Body Works was in a gift bag from one of our clients. It’s the perfect floral scent and keeps my hands soft – double win.
  3.  A signed contract is still sitting on my desk from a new client that joined us last week. It’s waiting to be filed away!
  4. Even though I’m not good at creating lists, I try to think that this cute notepad inspires me to write notes to myself!
  5. I keep an eyeshadow palette at work for those crazy mornings when I don’t have time to do it at home.
  6. I’m obsessed with these black Kate Spade sunglasses and keep a pair with me at all times.
  7. We always have a candle burning in the office, and this mini one doesn’t take up too much room on my desk.
  8. My Rotarian Magazine comes every month and I leave it on my desk so I remember to read it!
  9. I prefer the old school calculator with the big buttons for when I’m calculating hourly rates and media buys!
  10. Of course my Payless Comfort Plus kitten heels in this pretty yellow for summer. Usually I kick them off under my desk but I actually have them on today!


Jenna, our graphic designer, is amazingly organized!



  1. This little mosaic dish holds all of my miscellaneous supplies – paper clips, binder clips, hair clips – you name it!
  2. I swear by Aveeno lotions – this travel size is perfect for keeping my hands moisturized throughout the day.
  3. Fine point pens are a necessity for sketching out logo & layout ideas for clients. Micron pens are a personal favorite of mine & these Stabilo pens have a wide range of bright colors that make adding in a pop of color easy-peasy.
  4. Pink hand-sanitizer that comes with a cute saying? Yes, please. Clever packaging can make all the difference in sales.
  5. Burt’s bees chapstick is both functional & sustainable. This tinted lip balm hydrates my lips and adds just enough color to complete my professional look. #savethebees
  6. This mini sewing kit comes in handy when a loose thread, ripped seam, or missing button threatens to ruin my day.
  7. Colorful post-it notes & notepads help keep me organized throughout the work week. I use them to write down project deadlines, color #s, & daily reminders.


Our Intern, Katherine, already has her desk essentials ready to go!



  1. A ruler, to satisfy any artistic cravings, or even if I need to measure / draw a straight line.
  2. Sharpies are my go to marker for labeling things.
  3. Scotch tape, because I make a lot of mistakes!
  4. I leave an extra pair of sunglasses at work, in case I forget mine at home.
  5. These pens have been my favorite for years!
  6. This travel-sized lotion is the best for if (when) I forget to lotion in the morning, and it smells like coconuts, which reminds me of summertime.
  7. A pretty daily “to-do” list so I can visualize everything.
  8. Highlighters give me life. I have to highlight all of my utmost important notes. I like small one’s, so they don’t take up too much space.
  9. This flash drive has my entire life backed up. I’m big on backing things up.
  10. Mini Post-It’s are cute reminders to help me prioritize.

We hope you gained a few new ideas to stock up your desk! 


Meet the Team: Our New Intern Katherine

We are so excited to welcome our new intern Katherine to the team! She has been a great asset to us in the past few weeks, and has caught on quickly with all of our projects that we are currently working on! Katherine is going into her junior year at Fordham University, studying communications and marketing. She grew up 30 minutes away from IMC, in Farmington, CT. Here’s a little bit more about her:

read more…