Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your very own publicist? Someone who would do whatever it took to make you look like the star you truly are? They’d have all the tools to make your best qualities shine. They’d be able to help you land that promotion, help you score a date with that special someone you’ve been eyeing, and know exactly how to handle your embarassing social mishap from last weekend.

An excellent pubicist can work wonders. But if you don’t see yourself hiring one anytime soon, you can still steal a few of their valuable skills to help you learn how to present yourself in the best light possible. We’ve outlined 4 tools from the Public Relations world that you can use to improve your every day life!

Develop your Brand:


When marketing a company, it is essential to create a strong sense of identity through the process of developing a brand. Create your own “self-brand” to highlight your most outstanding qualities. Take a moment to think about the goals you are aiming to achieve and what type of impression you’d like to set. Brainstorm the characteristics you are most proud of; identify those that you’d like to highlight and those that you’d like to downplay. Begin to allign your actions, words, wardrobe, etc with this new self-brand.



Create a Press Kit:

This might include your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts; along with resumes, business cards, headshots etc. Sift through your social media accounts and be sure that the tone of your pictures and posts are in line with the image you are seeking to present. You never know who might be looking at your accounts so it’s essential that they display you positively!

Learn to Pitch:

The ability to pitch is one of the most valuable skills to have in the Public Relations field. A successful pitch will pique attention and generate a buzz. Use the qualities of a great pitch next time you are networking or interviewing. Speak in a straight-forward and confident manner. Listen carefully and respond to questions quickly and succinctly. Understand your audience – learn about what motivates them and make points that are relevant and interesting to them.

Handle Bad Publicity with Grace:

Every brand will encounter negative publicity at some point. The best in Public Relations understand how to ride out the waves of bad publicity and how to recover once they’ve subsided. If you encounter negative attention, learn to handle it with grace. Hold your head high and know that in time, the buzz will pass. Make sincere apologies wherever necessary. Be sure to learn from your mistakes – evaluate what generated the negative attention and use it as an opportunity for growth.

These are just a few tools that those in Public Relations use to promote their products and clients. Try them out for yourself to help improve your image and advance towards your goals!