With the royal wedding finally behind us, we, as professional event planners, can take inspiration from this event of the century and help translate the same feeling of perfection into our clients’ upcoming soirees. From the attire to the press, the tablescape to the menu, every detail needs to be taken into consideration to plan a fabulous event, and there was no better example than the nuptials of Price William and Kate Middleton this week. Here we cover some of the event details that feel are necessary to wow even the most discerning of guests:

Attire: When Kate stepped out of the queen’s Rolls-Royce, both London and the world watched with awe as her timeless, yet modern dress made its official debut. The French lace, the hand embroidery, the sheer veil- each piece was chosen with care to make a statement and that’s what some events of late have been missing. Our tips are to keep your attire in tune with your style, whether that be modern, edgy, simple or bohemian. And wear what looks good on you, not the latest fashion model!

Venue: Pick a venue that is easily accessible, but that also fits the needs of your specific event. The grandeur of Westminster Abbey played the perfect backdrop for a royal wedding, but perhaps a small intimate affair is more your style. Remember, colors and themes can be changed, but location and the bones of the building cannot.

Personal touches: The simple program with the black and white photo and the chocolate biscuit cake were just two of the personal touches that the bride and groom chose for their special event. What’s special about you that can be seen throughout your event? Perhaps cowboy boot centerpieces in Texas, seashell favors in Cape Cod, or your mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert? These are the touches that will make your guests say wow throughout the entire event.

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