In some ways one of the most difficult corporate positions to fill is that of the head of corporate communications. Why? Because at those firms that also do public relations and employee communications in house, the person who runs that department has to wear several hats. He or she must know what makes products and services attractive to consumers; what makes great marketing copy; where to look for opportunities in social responsibility and social media; how to promote internal initiatives (like employee recognition programs) and much more.

But few people have a big enough head for all those hats.  Many companies, therefore, have to choose an executive with just one or two strengths and require that they appreciate the others and delegate them appropriately.

In fact, some communications executives all but admit that they don’t know how to write, or that they are terrible public speakers, or that that don’t know the first thing about social media. Certainly not everyone can know everything, but it’s disconcerting when a corporate communications director doesn’t know how to communicate.

That’s why experts are important—whether inside the company or from an outside marketing communications firm. You wouldn’t want a model airplane kit that’s missing a few parts, would you? For a business to succeed internally and externally, having just a few communications skills just won’t do. You need them all for effective marketing to fly.


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