THE WALL STREET JOURNAL covers how The Share Economy, thanks to the Internet, is creating fresh opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The “share” concept is based on the reality that people thrive on sharing themselves, their talents, and their passions with others.  The business owners and the middlemen who facilitate that process are earning revenue and building brandnames by bringing everyone together.  Those brought together might be a woman who loves to make mac & cheese in a variety of flavors and those willing to pony up about $20 to enjoy a meal with other mac & cheese fans.

Image Marketing Consultants has these three tips on how your organization can piggyback on the sharing movement to achieve your objectives, whether they be to increase sales or raise more funds for a worthy cause.

Special Events.  Your prospects and customers/clients love to meet in person.  You might be sponsoring a complimentary seminar on retirement plans.   Invite those attending to share on your Facebook fan page their retirement dreams, through photos, videos, and/or text.  Let ’em know that materials will be on display at the seminar.  Start out the tutorial with sharing from the attendees.

Being a Connector.  Societies have always had special people able to bring together those who need to find each other.  One may be searching for a traveling companion for his aging mother and the other for a way to tour Europe for free.  Such special people were known as “connectors” or in some ethnic neighborhoods as “yentas.”  A perk you provide your customers/clients is that ability to share your contacts throughout the community beyond the focus of your business per se.  You will be in demand.

Ecommerce.  Both web and brick and mortar enterprises can be extended into new kinds of businesses based on sharing.  For example, your current focus is a mobile grooming service for dogs and cats.  In addition you can establish an exchange for certified sitters for houses, pets, children, and the elderly, with revenues derived from both facilitating the transaction and from selling advertising.

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