Small businesses tend to tremble when they hear the rumor that a big box is moving into their neighborhood. They fear that big box will crush them.

Image Marketing Consultants is not the only one reassuring you that you can survive.  In THE HAMDEN JOURNAL, Christopher LaTorraca wrote the cover story “Local Retailers Compete Against the Box Stores.”

In it LaTorraca explains that the little guy has been thriving by making business personal.  That is, they go the distance in customer service.  That includes knowing their customers so well that they have in their inventory exactly what will be purchased.  There is no need to wait.

Other initiatives which have been effective for clients of Image Marketing Consultants is hosting special events.  Online fatigue has set in and people are again eager to go out, especially if the event is free.  The cheese shop can put on a cooking demonstration of how to make a cheese soup and the clothes retailer can stage a fashion show for one demographic such as women over-50.  In addition, small businesses can partner with each other as well as larger companies to sell products and services they couldn’t manage to do alone.

According to American Express, 100 million will shop at locally owned business.  The challenge is to ensure that your shop will be among them.

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