Now what do we do?  That’s what both small businesses and larger organizations are asking Image Marketing Consultants.  They have concluded, along with FORTUNE, that the social media bubble has burst.

It’s not like they are going to shut down their Facebook page, stop blogging, and forget tweeting.  After all, social media is embedded in best promotional practices. However, in order to nurture their enterprises they have “got it” that they must look beyond social media.

Image Marketing Consultants agrees: Social media is not enough.  Our recent track record proves that out.  It was through old-fashioned hustling our stories to mainstream media that we got the publicity this summer Save a Suit needs to keep attracting sponsors and donors.  It also helped that we were able to attract celebrity star power.  In addition, the activities of donating and receiving the suits happened in person in real time as special events. People, being the social animals they are, were thrilled to be back with other people.

No question, business as well as nonprofits are returning to the very traditional notion of a marketing mix.  Along with social media there has to be:

* Pitching innovative angles to media so that they become interested enough to focus on what your business is about.

* Sponsoring special events which are compelling enough to get warm bodies in and media to also swing by.

* Developing partnerships.  More businesses recognize that they need to extend their reach beyond the web – and, more importantly, beyond their own sphere of influence.   The partnership may be with retail to feature their new product or a highway to be adopted by a law firm.

* Rebranding.  Everything changes.  Your brand might have gotten stale.  Nations like Nigeria are rebranding.  It’s been suggested that the trucking industry rebrand itself to attract Millennials and women.  Maybe it’s time you rebrand.

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