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Winter is coming to an end and spring is right around the corner. Spring cleaning is something that you can not only do around the office, but also on your social media pages.

When it comes to cleaning your social media pages, it’s all about updating your content, and looking at all of the posts that were interacted with the most! If your cover photo and profile picture are over 6 months old, it is probably time for an update. We are updating our clients’ pages from winter themes to spring themes! You want to make sure that your page doesn’t look outdated, it can turn people away from liking your page.

You also need to look back at the content that got the most interaction in the past few months. What posts have been working? The posts with the most reach, likes, shares, retweets, should be looked over. This way you can keep up with posts in that style. The more interactive the posts are, the better reach they have to the public.

And lastly, what have you been wanting to post that you haven’t been? It is never to late to start new projects on your page, or keep up with old weekly posts, like a throwback Thursday, that you haven’t been posting for awhile.

We have some of our spring examples here:


We love our Facebook banner! It tells our clients a little bit about who we are and how they can reach us.




This is a project we have been working on for a client for easter. Spring colors really make this pop.



Our client Vesta Corp is celebrating their 35th anniversary. We updated the Facebook page with this new logo.



Our Client Winterberry Gardens has a great new cover photo.


Happy spring cleaning!

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