Thanks to social media, be it Facebook or Google+, people around the world are used to being interactive.  Therefore, when they come to your special event, it’s not wise to have them just sitting there.  Instead, provide opportunities to involve them in ways that communicate the messages embedded in this special event.

Logistics firm William B. Meyer needed to develop its value statement with employees so it requested Image Marketing Consultants set up a special event for brainstorming and sharing ideas.  Image Marketing Consultants had those attending on their feet, as SPECIAL MEETINGS reports, preparing desserts which symbolized values like creativity or integrity.  That experience, especially the team work, made concrete the messages William B. Meyer needed employees to embody.

Another example of an interactive special event took place at the New Haven Zen Center on March 16th in its “Introduction to Zen” all-day retreat.  The afternoon schedule had those attending divided into work crews.  One team polished the wood in that Victorian building.  Another cleaned the windows.  One did yard work.  And another cleaned up after the shared meal, served monastic-style.  The objective was reinforcing the zen principle of seamless living, not separating oneself from the direct experience of being in the now.

People learn by doing and they bond, both with each other and the organization, in the process.

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