By Faryn Malley

With summer quickly approaching, you’ll want to be up-to-speed on the season’s newest fashion trends. Everyone wants to dress the best, and what better way to feel great about your outfit than incorporating the summer’s biggest trends into your look? Some of the top summer trends we’ll see in 2019 are neon fabrics, animal (and floral) print, fringe (bring on 60’s-chic!), and biker shorts. This summer’s trends are even being combined; think neon biker shorts, floral with fringe, and neon animal print.

The hottest fashion trends are commonly promoted by social media influencers that people admire and look up to for style advice. Why? They’re relatable people who come off as polished with their lives in order. They might even remind us of ourselves a little!

So many people desperately want to dress like celebrities but also fit in with the realness of social media influencers. Trends tend to follow the “trickle-down movement”, meaning that the new styles presented by high fashion brands trickle down to influencers and celebrities to promote before everyday shoppers see them and consider buying into them.

Here are some common summer trends for 2019!


Bright tones of pink, green, orange, yellow, and blue have been seen on the runway recently and are predicted to hit the market this summer. Designer brands such as Gucci, Versace, Moschino, and Armani presented many bright outfits during Fashion Week. This trend is already being advertised in common stores like Express, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and more. Neon has gone in and out of style for numerous decades but is growing more popular this year. How to wear it: Stand out with an all-neon-pink outfit to a concert, or try something more toned down like a simple pair of bright green earrings to spice up your look.

Animal Print
Yes, you read that right! Cheetah, snakeskin, zebra. All of your favorite animal prints are back for summer 2019. This time it’s more than just a zebra striped pillow for the couch. Be on the lookout for cheetah print maxi skirts, snakeskin pants, animal print scrunchies (and even jumpsuits). It’s time for statement pieces and chic style. How to wear it: Pair a denim jacket with a leopard print maxi to play off a cool shopping look, or wrap your ponytail with a cheetah print scrunchie. Meow!

Floral Print
This trend will always remain a classic and most likely never go out of style. You can’t go wrong with a flowy floral dress on a warm summer day. This elegant trend has reached women’s (and even men’s) fashion lines. Guys don’t need to wear plain colored suits anymore; throw on a floral printed shirt or tie under your suit this summer. Women can purchase floral blouses, jumpsuits, handbags, and even jewelry. How to wear it: Wear a floor-length floral dress to your next summer wedding and tone it down by pairing it with a chunky statement necklace and solid-color sandals.

This summer trend was worn by many attendees of Coachella ‘19, the kick-off to summer event of the year. Instagram was flooded with outfit posts from the trendy weekend showing the crazy outfits people flaunted. Fringe was already a big hit for spring 2019 and will definitely continue into the summer, seen on bags, skirts, and tops. How to wear it: Look for short sleeved tops with dainty fringe at the sleeves, or rock a suede mini skirt with fringed hems at an outdoor summer festival paired with a plain tee tucked in.

Biker Shorts
These shorts aren’t just for cyclists anymore; now they’re a fashion statement that can be worn as a sporty or even fancy look. Kylie Jenner, a well-known celebrity and influencer, has posted her outfits featuring neon biker shorts, creating a rise in the popularity of this summer’s trend. What used to be just worn for athletic comfort has transformed onto the runway and into popular malls and online stores. How to wear it: Pair biker shorts with a tee shirt for a walk on the trail or add a blazer, necklace and sandals for a dressed up lunch on the town.

Shopping Ethically and Locally-Sourced
All of these trends can be found in thrift stores and on sustainable clothing websites. Shopping at thrift stores will not only save you money but it helps to save the environment by reusing textiles. By recycling fashion, you’re helping to decrease textile production and waste: the second largest polluter after oil. Purchasing sustainable clothing may be a bit pricier, but your clothes will last longer and have a positive impact on our environment.

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone this summer! Whether you sport your first neon outfit or repurpose thrift shop items into a new, classy style, we encourage you to get creative and step out of the box this year. Buy that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing on Instagram; they most likely fit into one of these popular 2019 summer trends! Look to influencers for fashion advice, but stay true to you and make that outfit your own. Be confident in the style you choose to wear this summer. That’s how you’ll stand out!