A new year, at least the calender one, is coming.  Also, your business may be planning to shift from a recessionary strategy to a growth one.  So, the team is brainstorming about what your priorities should be and how to accomplish them.  At the top of the list could be your digital communications.

Many businesses ask us at Image Marketing Consultants if they should go with a standard template for their website or custom-make their own.  For example, WordPress now provides those kinds of templates for the wedding and, more recently, the restaurant verticals.  Here Toni Schneider, Chief Executive Officer of Automattic, parent of WordPress, talks to TechCrunch about the entrance into the restaurant niche.

The advantages of going with a template include that businesses don’t have to start from scratch in setting up or re-doing their website.  They can devote their resources to focusing on the specifics for each category, such as capturing what’s unique about the ambiance or the menu.  The disadvantage is the the competition might pull away current customers and prospects by having a very non-standard website.  The media might cover it.  Overnight that restaurant could become hot.

We at Image Marketing Consultants have found that there are no easy or absolute right or wrong answers about digital communications.  That’s why we invite you to a complimentary consultation to discuss your unique situation with Kate Sirignano, Managing Partner of Image Marketing Consultants.  You can reach Kate at kate@imagemarketingconsultants.com, 203-404-4868 for your  questions about social media, marketing, public relations, special events, and partnerships.