If your company or organization is planning to make the move into social media marketing, here are four important unwritten rules (now written) to consider before you start:

1.) Discuss with your communications and digital marketing teams whether or not you will come up with enough content and ideas to update your social media sites at least once a week. If not, hold off on the effort until you can make that promise.

2.) Study some of the business websites out in internet-land that are somewhat similar to yours, and try to gauge what kind of content attracts the most attention (via the number of ‘likes’ and the kinds of comments received). Use the results of your assessment to plan your own social media content.

3.) Determine who in your organization can adequately devote an hour or more per week to your social media effort, and tap into that person’s skill and dedication. In lieu of that (if no such person is on staff, or if the time commitment is unrealistic), consider hiring a skilled social media expert or experienced marketing firm to do it for you. Mediocrity won’t work to your advantage!

4.) Don’t stop. Keep going. It’s still a relatively new marketing tool with many unknowns. What is known is that inactivity can lead to customer disinterest.

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