Instagram is being called the ‘new twitter’ by many social media experts. With 500 million users, and growing, it allows people, bloggers, and businesses to add a creative vibe to their social media life.

We started to use Instagram for many of our clients, and we love having it for our business as well! It allows our clients to showcase all of the great things they do, with visuals. A picture is worth 1000 words, and we always try to add a picture to posts. With Instagram, your picture is telling the story, and then your caption is secondary.

Here are some of the things that we do to up our Insta game:

  1. Take a great picture: When posting on Instagram, it is so important to pop a great picture onto the page. Try taking pictures from a few different angles, and setting your picture up in the right light. When you finally snap the pic you like, it’s time to edit! We love using Pic Tap Go, Afterlight and Color Story. There are so many options to choose from on these apps, which allows you to edit the picture so much more than a general Instagram picture. img_1144
  2. Catchy Captions are key: When coming up with a caption, you don’t want them to be too wordy. Instagram will chop off your caption with a … when it is lengthy. We like to try to keep ours under three lines, then add hashtags!
  3. Hashtag: Hashtags are lifesavers for your Instagram! People will be able to find your pictures and there will also be more social reach (the number of people who see the picture), from doing this! If you’re nervous about hashtagging a picture, just think about the category your picture falls into! You don’t need 1000 of them per picture, but a few popular hashtags, and a personal hashtag help. When you pop up the hashtag, a “popular” one will show how many people have hashtagged them in the past. If it’s over 10,000 people, that is a pretty popular tag! Your personal hashtag, such as #FallatWinterberry can help categorize your pictures by season or purpose. Don’t be afraid to come up with some fun hashtags to see what works for your business.img_1149
  4. Make a weekly post: Fun weekly posts not only make you upload a picture, but they also keep your followers involved in your page. We love doing our #TuesdayShoesday post! It shows our fun side, and brings attention to our page. While you should be posting more than once a week, a weekly post keeps you consistent.img_1143
  5. Be friendly: Join the Insta community and like pictures on your newsfeed and from the hashtags you’ve used! We love to spend time building our relationships on Instagram.

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Happy gramming! If you need help with your social media, you can always reach out to us at 860.863.5861!