If there’s any holiday that requires candles, it’s Valentine’s Day! Many of you might be busy buying chocolates, flowers, and other gifts for your significant other (or Galentine’s Day friend,) but what about giving the most subtle and lovely gift of all? Enticing scents are at every corner! Don’t worry if your candle collection isn’t as extravagant as you’d like it to be. We’ve got you covered with tips for Valentine’s Day and how to decorate. It’s time to fill the air with love!  

Surprising your significant other with a romantic night in? Maybe a home cooked meal? Well you wouldn’t want to miss one of the most important parts – a Kringle Love and Roses Candle! Place it on the dining room table for a lovely and romantic scent. Don’t be afraid to get creative too! Add some rose petals around the candles or place the candle in an accessory candle holder. If you’re looking for something with more of a citrus scent, Grey is the perfect touch for you – and a great accessory for any bedroom.

Just because your love life may be busy this week doesn’t mean the office has to suffer! Valentine’s Day is a great way to boost up the color, mood, and aroma in the office. Pink grapefruit is a light and therapeutic scent to be flowing through the office, or your cubicle! A candle this sweet will surely be a treat!

Now, we know what you may be thinking: isn’t this a candle overload? Well lucky for you, there are so many shapes and sizes available for decoration that you’ll want one for every room of the house! Place mini jars or daylights around your kitchen and living room. Try a combination of daylight Kitchen Spice jars and a few mini Country Pinot Noir in the living room. Pair some with Kringle’s small candle holder accessories and the rooms will sparkle.

This Valentine’s Day, love is definitely in the air. Whether you celebrate with a significant other, friends, or yourself, keep the mood lively and ensure that all areas of your life decorated and smelling wonderful. Head on over to Kringle.com for more scents, shapes, sizes, and decorations. Great for any home, office, apartment; you name it! A little scent never hurt anybody!