Experienced successful salespeople frequently reassure those just starting out in selling of this: “No” frequently leads to “yes.”  This may seem to make no sense.

After all, a no is a no.  That no means that the couple didn’t buy the car, the man injured in a car accident didn’t sign up with that particular lawyer, and the 12-year-old  decided not to spend summer at Camp X.

However, for those open to analysis of what they might have done differently and willing and able to change, the no provides important information.  Many whose living depends on selling or promoting know this.  That’s why they ask the prospects who didn’t buy from them the reason why.  Usually the prospects are touched by the seller’s humility and eagerness to learn and they will candidly explain why they made the decision they did.

Even without the prospects’ input, ambitious salespeople have plenty to reflect on.  They might ask themselves:

  • Are we in the right market segment?
  • Was there a powerful enough incentive?
  • Did we not spend enough time assessing the buyer’s needs?
  • Is our service/product no longer perceived as top-of-the-line?
  • What about our price point?  Should we be willing to match competitive pricing?
  • Should we have found ways to keep the prospect on the phone longer?

Salespeople and promoters who are aggressive about mining a no for all the information they can are on their way to receiving the yes on a regular basis.

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