Before I dive into any dish I’m about eat, I almost always take out my phone to take a picture of it for my Snapchat story.I make sure I take pictures with my friends at events to ensure there’s at least one quality picture I can share with my followers on Instagram and Facebook. This is an example of an era of visual culture that we’re all a part of-something that marketers should be taking advantage of.

We’ve all heard the saying, “a picture speaks a thousand words,” but now visuals are becoming even more powerful. It is nearly impossible for users to consume all of the content that is being posted throughout all social media platforms. The average human attention span has decreased. This makes it extremely difficult for companies to share all of their product and service information to their consumers. Incorporating visuals can help businesses with this new phenomenon to catch their consumers’ attention quickly, while ensuring the point gets across to them within seconds. Content with relevant images get 94% more views than content without relevant images.

Tips When Posting An Image


Take advantage of edits

Have a theme when posting. Maybe all of your pictures are consistently brightly edited, or you always have food incorporated in a post, or the pictures contain a style that makes your company stand out. Your audience will start to recognize this, which can increase your brand recognition.


Understand where to post it

Knowing your target audience is important when it comes to reaching your consumers with an image. If you know your consumers are more likely to be scrolling through Facebook, take advantage of this social media platform. This will ensure maximum reach. A higher rate of consumers will additionally be slowing down the pace of their scrolling as they come across the visual you posted.


Make it interactive

Get consumers involved with your posts. Attach a link to the image so that the consumer can be directed towards the product or service you are offering within the image. This makes it easier for consumers to become more engaged with your website if you attach a link. This then will be beneficial when tracking data.

If you are looking for social media marketing assistance, contact Image Marketing Consultants to build your brand’s image. Image is everything and we’re here to upgrade yours.