Organizations often come to Image Marketing Consultants after their marketing program didn’t work.  They have lost money and time.  Also their confidence has taken a hit.  We understand their pain and confusion. However, that failure just as often can become the platform for building big success.

Author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Robert T. Kiyosaki emphasizes the power of making mistakes to open people up to fresh ways of thinking and doing.  His “Rich Dad” would continually tell him, “The reason so many smart and well-educated people do not achieve great wealth is because in school they were taught that mistakes were bad.”  In real life, though, mistakes are necessary to learning.

The trick is to be able to not run from the mistake but do an “autopsy” on it about what went wrong and why.  The usual factors underlying failure include bad timing, complexity, not understanding the customer, inadequate resources, targeting inappropriate segments, attempting too much, stale idea, and/or lack of attractive incentives.

The good news is that kind of mistake is usually never made again.  Back in the 1980s, Coca-Cola launched New Coke.  There has never been another New Coke.

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